by ddoersch 28 Feb 2010

I am looking for a smallish acorn and/or oak leaf. Can anyone help?


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by haydebug 28 Feb 2010

Hi sewmom gave us a list of about 17 pages of freebies from the Stitchery Mall. Here is a mini acorn for free on the top row! Hope it works

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sewmom by sewmom 28 Feb 2010

Scroll through the pages, I just found about 5 acorns.

by rachap 28 Feb 2010 has a nice single acorn on a branch with two cutwork like leaves

by smurf5 28 Feb 2010

if you go to they have 1812 free designs and I got an acorn and leaf thrir, I hope you will be able to find one

by ddoersch 28 Feb 2010

Sorry, don't know why it went twice, but I am looking for this in fsl.... TIA