by smurf5 27 Feb 2010

What is the best digitizing programn to get. I am a beginner at all this and would dearly love to design some things for myself and share them with everybody?


by manami 28 Feb 2010

Welcome to Cute! I use Embird, and as Mops wrote, Embird is reasonably cheap and a good software. I used the trial version before purchasing it.

by mops Moderator 28 Feb 2010

Embird is relatively cheap, you can buy different modules as you progress and it's simple to use. I'd recommend that any time. I've been digitizing for quite a time now (simple auto-digitising since 1993, 'real' digitising with expensive Viking software since 1999 and Embird for the last 16 months) and I love Embird.
Have a look in 'Software' and you'll find a lot of Q&As on this subject that will give you loads of information - which I won't repeat here - downloadthe free trial, watch the free tutorials and have a go.

by keeponsewing 27 Feb 2010

Yes I'm still on trial with the Embird. It is fairly easy to use, unfortunately it doesn't include fonts in the basic,(extra I think). But it works for me and I'm a beginner also. :)

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sewdoctor by sewdoctor 28 Feb 2010

The module font engine is wonderful, well worth the price.

by mary51 27 Feb 2010


There are many and good, it all depends how much are you willing to spend. I have Embird, it is affordable and you have lost of help in the internet. I bought it about 4 years ago, but up to now I did not have the time to realy play with it.

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mary51 by mary51 27 Feb 2010

I forgot!!!!! they have a 30 days trial to see if you like it you may want to give a it a try . I bought my at Secret of Embroidery it is 10% cheaper and it gives you point to use toward new things.