by grammyfran70 24 Feb 2010

how do I ask a particular person a question that isn't private?


by clawton 25 Feb 2010

I would suggest that you use the personal tab (PM). That way she should see the message and not get lost in the community section. This may be a good time to remind folks to check the Personal tab to see if there is a +number. If so, someone has sent you a message. Click on the Personal Tab and you will see your message and be able to respond to it.

by kezza2sew 24 Feb 2010

Put their name in first, either here or in Personal...and HOPE she sees it I guess. Cuties will try to bring it back to top of list until she sees it and answers it. Someone will need to write something in the answer section for it to return to the top of the list again. otherwise it will get lost down the list. Can you understand that? Are you new here if so Welcome... Enjoy this group, it is wonderful. Kerry