by ewroland 19 Feb 2010

Sometime ago someone posted a project for a toilet paper cover with a Frog and the Lettering Butt Whyy Per

I was able to obtain the design but of course now that I want to stitch it - I can't find it. Does anyone know who the designer is for this design?



by katydid 19 Feb 2010

I have stitched so many of these. Everyone loves them. I see you got your answer.

by psssst 19 Feb 2010

I had/have that design and when I read the question I couldn't find it in my files! TY TY TY for asking this Q now I have it again!

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ewroland by ewroland 20 Feb 2010


by gerryvb 19 Feb 2010

you got the answer already so I just add the link.

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bikermamma by bikermamma 26 Jul 2015

Thank you so much for the link and the site I got it from! I had the problem of knowing where it was on the computer just not remembering where I got it from. I like to give the designer the credit if I post a photo of a finished stitch out. Thank you again!

by carolsews43 19 Feb 2010

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ewroland by ewroland 19 Feb 2010

Thanks for such a prompt response.