by tina1 10 Feb 2010

I am new to machine embroidery I would like to know do I have to print out the color & stitch chart or does it come with the design when you download it?


by jacquipaul 11 Feb 2010

Welcome Tina. Sometimes the color chart is available to download, but sometimes it is not. Some people actually keep notebooks with printouts of designs. If I have spent a lot for a design, I will print out the color chart. Often I substitute threads, anyway.

by dkjack 11 Feb 2010


by ezzemml 10 Feb 2010

I dont always bring up colour charts some times if the colours are different to what they show in the picture I may copy and past pic where i have the design stored so i can reffer to it to change it that is if it is a detailed pic if it is a simple one i don't bother. also you can just go to design data base and print out all design info well i can with my Brother PEdesign 8 .

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tina1 by tina1 10 Feb 2010

I am not sure if I can my machine is the brother se350 and I got the ped basic. but I guess I will learn as I go.
thank you.

by castelyn 10 Feb 2010

Tina, welcome to "Cute"

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tina1 by tina1 10 Feb 2010

thank you. you are so kind.

by marymilf41 10 Feb 2010

i to no longer print off color charts as it wastes paper and ink and it is just as easy to just bring it up on the screen but do keep in mind that when you transfer a design that the color chart may change because of the pc/sewing machine may not be able to detect all the true colors so ((( MAKE SURE ))) you check and double check your colors i never go buy the color charts any more i just pick the colors i think it should be i have found that when a design uses more then one shade of any color that they run from light to dark and that is very easy to pick out after a while you will get the hang of it but please keep in mind that there will be a few boo boos before you get it right so hang in there because i am a embroidery junkie now good luck mary P.S. HERE ARE TWO ITEMS I MADE THE FIRST IS JUST ONE COLOR ITS SO EASY. THE SECOUND ONE ALL THE DESIGNS HAVE TO SHADES OF COLOR IN EACH THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN TO DO

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tina1 by tina1 10 Feb 2010

thank you for the information I need all the help I can get.

by edithfarminer 10 Feb 2010

Hi tina,

when you buy a design you usually get colour chart included, with freebees found lots have no colour charts. If they are there than by all means take them, will probably help you a lot especially when first starting out. I often change colours anyway as I might want to make colour matching with trousers for T-shirts for instance.I do not print colour charts anymore. If I use them I bring them up on my computer screen by my embroidery machine and follow the colours that way. Saves on paper and ink. Just see what suits you best. Good luck.

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tina1 by tina1 10 Feb 2010

Thank you. I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to get to my answer but I did figure it out after I clicked on every thing.