by lbrow 09 Feb 2010

having posted my email addy n my profile. Please forgive, I am only human & humans do err . I did not set out to cause harm to anyone. Lillian


by lerman 11 Feb 2010

Dear Lilian, keep up your warm and welcome communication with us. It's important that a network is both generous and has mutual respect. You have. love Peggy

by bevintex 11 Feb 2010

Don't feel a need to apologize for your posting. Even though Texas does not use *77 I did find there is another number besides 911. Hopefully none of us will ever be in a situation where we need to call for help but if I ever am I will remember your advice. I Thank you

by mariahail 11 Feb 2010

My answer was deleted, but you know that I think you are a great lady, maybe one of the ladies "slapping you"?*****

by mariahail 11 Feb 2010


by mysticrainbow 10 Feb 2010

I would add that I have seen this hint in the past and still I feel it's worthwhile to mention it again and again. It's the kind of thing that I need to keep hearing so that if the situation comes up, I may remember hearing about how to handle it. Never ever stop reminding people of helpful hints. In my case one reminder is not enough....more, over time, might sink in. Just once is liable to get pushed back in my mind and not be remembered when it's needed. Thank you and please don't apologize to anyone. There was nothing wrong with being a caring person trying to help. I have to dial 911 in my state but so what, the message was still a great reminder for me and probably many many others.

by teresanta 10 Feb 2010

We love and appreciate everything you do for us,thanks teresa

by clawton 10 Feb 2010

Your posting reminded us of a very important caution we should take. So please do not take it personally about the emails. I believe that jrob made a posting with your original one about it not being available in all states and to use 911. That should have been enough to let everyone know the situation. Thanks for trying!

by grandmamek 10 Feb 2010

Dear Lillian, No apology needed. I think who ever sent you nasty emails should be banned from the site. This is strictly uncalled for. If they do not like reading what is on the site then they should just leave. Just keep posting all your tips. there are those of us who do appreciate what you say and do. Hugs, Mary

by annatjievdw 10 Feb 2010

Shame on them. I think it was very nice of you to warn all of us of the dangers lurking around us. I suppose they think a thing like that can't happen to them. Keep up doing your good work and just ignore them. If I were you I would change my profile and take out my e-mail address so they can't bother you privately. *4U Love. Annatjie

by jofrog2000 10 Feb 2010

I posted below, but thought to add the REAL link to show that this is an option in some states. The actual story might have been a recirculating email, but the facts are that it DOES happen. Since the death of my husband, I travel alone most of the time, and it's scary sometimes. The discussions should stay here on the forum, not personally beating you up. Shame on them. Jo

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 10 Feb 2010

Hi Jo, The same thing happens here in South Africa as well so it is probably a worldwide thing nowadays. Also the thing about the tire. It once happened to me while waiting for my husband in the car. I just ignored them and when a policemand came near I told him about it and they just disappeared. Lucky for me.

by claudenicolas 10 Feb 2010

Dear lbrow, I do not understand anything about this number 77, I know that you are always helful, and you have not to be criticizebecause youyou never intended to do anything wrong.
Hugs, claude.

by kkcogle 10 Feb 2010

I for one, have learned a LOT from what you posted! Continue to be who YOU are....ignore them, Lillian. This place would not be the same without your postings.

by dollygk 10 Feb 2010

My dear Ibrow, you're intentions were very well meaning and any of us could have passed on this email with good intentions, just let it pass, we do forgive you!!!

by crazystitcher 10 Feb 2010

Hi, Lillian, I just checked your previous posting to see what this was about and left a flower there 4 u as well as here - anyone can make a mistake and there is no excuse for people to be unpleasant - frankly it is very kind of you to draw attention to this kind of danger and how to deal with it, regardless of what number to ring - It would never have occurred to me that a vehicle with a red flashing light on top might not be genuine police - THANK_YOU!

by manami 10 Feb 2010

Dear Lillian, I had to go back to see what was this about, I'm so sorry that happened to you. You are so kind always, you don't deserve to be hurt. Love and blessings,Yoriko

by gerryvb 10 Feb 2010

My answer was the 3rd and now there are 46 answers already. It proves nobody blaims you anything, and everybody was happy with the suggestion what to do in the situation! So please keep posting this kind of warnings.THANK YOU again!!

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by marymilf41 09 Feb 2010

lbrow i for one belive that the moore info we have the better we can make a desicion so please dont stop those that bark at the info are those that dont want to understand any thing and those people are the ones that dont try to better them selfs and the world you just keep the info coming and we will keep reading sorry there has to be people like that to hurt someone as kind as your self as jrob said brush it off and dont worry about it the people that matter are the ones that will stand behind you love and hugs mary

by mmgreyhounds 09 Feb 2010

Lillian, Please do not let those people get you down. I totally agree with Meganne, any message that reminds women of the dangers that are out there is a good message. Thank you.

by meganne 09 Feb 2010

Oh Good Heavens, even I have fallen for bogus emails and I used to work in the IT industry!!
How dare ANYONE abuse you over this, tell me their names I'm coming straight over to beat them up!!!!

Lillian, I wish there WAS such a number as I broke down on the freeway once and I remember I was petrified, but that was more from knowing the dangers because i was raped as a teenager.

ANY MESSAGE that warns women of these dangers is a GOOD message, believe me!!!
More Power to you dear friend.
Hugs n love, Meganne

by coco128 09 Feb 2010

Are you kidding???!!! I thought it was informative and certainly helpful, be it *77, 911 or *SP. You know it's really sad, some people really have nothing better to do and I would not have apologized at all!!

by nanniesara 09 Feb 2010

No harm done here!

by migs 09 Feb 2010

You did a lovely thing trying to inform people of what you thought would be helpful. Unfortunately some knowing different may hv over reacted. You tried to do a good thing & it should hv been taken as such ~ not to scold you. Do not take it to heart.

by embroiderymad 09 Feb 2010

It was a lovely thing for you to share your information with us. Iam in Australia and it made me wounder if we have something like this. Even if the number is different in other states. Those people who condemed you should have shared the number for their state instead. May be they to might help save a life. Be proud you did a good thing.

1 comment
dlmds by dlmds 09 Feb 2010

Right on!! H&*

by kezza2sew 09 Feb 2010

Lillian, not sure what it's all about, but I know you are such a wonderful lady and such a tremdeous asset to Cute. I hope a good nights sleep will help you forget those upsetting emails and move on from this...We love you lots, hugs Kerry in Australia

by haydebug 09 Feb 2010

We love and appreciate everything you do for us!Big Hug.

by jofrog2000 09 Feb 2010

My goodness! Some people need to get a real life. There was enough factual info-did they see the real police site I added?-to remind us of the very real dangers. I am so sorry that this happened to you.

by softhearted1 09 Feb 2010

I'm sorry you had to deal with this kind of behaviour from those you were only trying to help. Shame on some people. No one is perfect and like I said, you were only trying to help others. Please don't let it get to you and please continue with your postings of helpful hints :)

by jrob Moderator 09 Feb 2010

Honey, you just brush all that off your shoulders like the dust it is! I love you and thank you for all that you are and do!

katydid by katydid 09 Feb 2010


dlmds by dlmds 09 Feb 2010

I agree!! H&*

by auntbaba 09 Feb 2010

The people who are e-mailing you should be ashamed!
I wonder if any of them has ever made a mistake?
You keep trying to educate us and ignore them.
Love, Barb

by edithfarminer 09 Feb 2010

To the persons who send you messages,PLEASE READ THIS.
IT HAPPENED HERE IN SPAIN last year to someone I know, they put a nail in her tyre and she had quite a bit of money on her too. Luckily she did as was described in the letter and made it into a petrol station safe and well.Thanks to her story I learned you have to dial 112 here.

by michele921 09 Feb 2010

so sorry anyone would be upset over you pointing out a helpful thing as far as you knew it was used everywere, but knowing it is not helps others too. No one should attack you for trying to help all of us. I work on the rd and do not pull over for marked or unmarked police until I believe I am in a safe spot for me and them. When I tell the officer that I kept going until I found a safe spot for the both of us they always thank me for the consideration of their well being along with mine.

by nonna57 09 Feb 2010

Lillian if for some reason i was followed by a plain car that had a flashing light, mabey i would call 000 here in Aust but then i think i would keep driving till i was in a populated area. What i am trying to say is you have made me and hopefully all cuties aware that this can happen. No apology need for a simple email error. It could safe my life oneday ")

by bokkieborduur 09 Feb 2010

don't even think about it, you help so much and we never complain about something so small. If YOU read it right you will understand. Love Marie

by toet 09 Feb 2010

Lillian,i think the people that emailed you are so wrong. I thought this rubbish had stopped. To the one that are doing this GROW UP.

by raels011 09 Feb 2010

lillian I read your message and I believe it is a good idea even though I live in Australia I am trying to find a number over here to be able to do the same thing THANK YOU

by marietta 09 Feb 2010

Gosh Lillian I am so sorry about you feeling bad. I read it even though I do not live there, and thought it great that you did post it.
Keep your head up high, and do not fret, You did a great thing posting it, and it can mabe save at least one person of those who can use it.
Hugs and God bless

by katydid 09 Feb 2010

Lillian. i can't believe anyone E-mail with a negative on your post. This actually happened to me when I was in High School in the late 1950's. It was at night and a girlfriend and I were on our way to a close neighboring town, breaking the speed limit or any other laws we we aware of. All of the sudden, behind us was flashing (dash type) un marked car. My friend and I were aware of a recent events of women and girls being pulled over by people pretending to be law enforcement only to be raped and we we not going to stop in the middle of no where, so I kept on driving in my little 1950 Studebaker. They even pulled up beside us using a flashlight aimed in my face and I still kept going until I came to a drive-in root beer place that was well lit and pulled over. Turns out that they were Deputy Sheriffs and were giving me a hard time as to why I had not stopped when they turned their lights on. I demanded to know why they were pulling me over as I knew I had not broken a law and I said I didn't think they were real officers. When they looked at my license and saw my dealer car tag, I think they new my father and promptly backed down. My friend and I were so shaken that we never got to were we were going and went home immediately. Subsequently, my father reported them, because I had insisted they give me their names. I don't know what happened because my father told me, but he was proud of my actions. A women alone should never pull over for a unmarked car until she is in a safe place!!!

by lucypiwow 09 Feb 2010


by lenamae 09 Feb 2010

If any onw slaped you they need to APOLOGY to you .You are only trying to help you

by sandynavas 09 Feb 2010

Some people just always have to be 'right' especially when they are on the opposite side of where you are coming from. Hang in there and ignore those who openly show their ignorance. Your friends here are sticking by you and understand there isn't a perfect world and everyone (including them) makes a mistake now and then.

God love you, Lillian, because we do, too!!

by kathyjt 09 Feb 2010

Lillian don't be sorry you were only trying to help us. thank you anyway.

by cathiejones 09 Feb 2010

Even so I don't leave in the USA, that it is 77 or 911 it's always good to be remainded to be careful on the road, it's full of nasty driver(by experience). I think you did good.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Feb 2010

Lillian I find it amazing that one would send an e-mail over something like this. Maybe it makes them feel better. I took my e-mail off because anyone and you don't even have to be logged on can get it. I feel if someone wants to have it they can PM me and I can choose if I want to give it. HUGS to you.

by bikermomfl 09 Feb 2010

Isn't it amazing that some people are so 'perfect' that they can judge those of us who are not. I for one am smart enough to appreciate ANY helpful suggestions and choose of my own free will which ones apply to me. Please don't let the few speak for the many. As for your email addy I had the same thing happen to me which is why I am usually so silent, but most cuties are sweeties and we love all your helpful hints, and if one happens to be only applicable in so many instances then it's helpful for those that needed it. Please Please Please don't let the nasties hurt you, we of the majority love ya to pieces - so there!

by maryjo 09 Feb 2010

OMG, You have NO need to apologize!!!! I can't believe anyone slapped you for that post. Actually jofrog2000 posted a link to check out the procedure in your area as a response to your post. If the complainers had read all the responses they would have seen this. Any way I for one appreciate your info and applaud your caring. You just keep doing your thing and let the naysayers stew in their own juices. We love you, and we're the ones that count.

1 comment
coco128 by coco128 09 Feb 2010

could not have said it better myself ... really ... what is wrong with some people ... so sad

by waterlily 09 Feb 2010

There really should be no need for you to apoligize! I'm sure that your information was helpful to someone. For the rest, they can always try to verify the information for themselves. It just seems so unkind for anyone to slam you because you tried to help. I know that I have given information that was only applcable to some people. We all do it, and it's only because we care enough to try to help. No need to feel badly!

by ken174 09 Feb 2010

Oh Lilian, your good intentions are soooo appreciated try not to worry about the rest. Thanks so much for your help...san

by dlmds 09 Feb 2010

Lillian, there is no way you could know this ahead of time. God Bless you for caring enough about us "Cuties" to try and keep us safe. The ones slapping you may end up being the next one to make a mistake, and find out they are also only human. Teehee!! H&*

by babsie 09 Feb 2010

I did not read the posting about 77. The cuties are from all over the world and it is to be expected that what works in one country do not work in another, so if you read something and is not sure if it is applicable to your country it is your own duty to find out what is. Please do not feel bad I'm sure that you did help some. I always say if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all. Hugs.

by gramsbear 09 Feb 2010

I am very Thankful that you posted this, it makes us aware that there is help out there and all we have to do is ask, rather than sit still and be a victom. Thanx for posting and being so caring of others. Love & hugs, Judy...

1 comment
katydid by katydid 11 Feb 2010

may have to borrow this!!

by celticlady1031 09 Feb 2010

WHAT do you have to apologize for? If nothing else it made everyone look into it to see what works in their state/country. Up here in the north 911 is what we use. If not for your post I would not have thought to ask. A quick phone call to town and I got my answer. No regrets on your end dear friend.

by judybell 09 Feb 2010

Please don't feel like you have done anything wrong. I agree with others if it only saves one person from something awful happening to them, it was worth learning about this. I appreciate your sharing with us. God Bless, Judy *4U

by psssst 09 Feb 2010

God bless you! If your posting of *77 saves just one person then in my opinion it was worth getting the "slaps" from the holier than thou that roam this earth. Your post was from your heart out of genuine concern, shame on those that brandished you for it.

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 09 Feb 2010

Here here

psssst by psssst 09 Feb 2010


by gerryvb 09 Feb 2010

NO SORRY please. I was HAPPY WITH YOUR made it clear that in case you don't trust the policecar behind you.You can call the police yourself.That was the very good message I read in the post!! Thank you again for that advice.Even though it was not the correct number. the advice was great!people can search now for the correct number in their own country or state.*4u!

by sewmom 09 Feb 2010

I had never heard of it. But now I think I will check to see if it is in my state. I would never have checked if it wasn't for you. Thank you.

by edithfarminer 09 Feb 2010

I do not live in the states, but feel that you posted it to help and surely that can never be wrong and if 77 is in some states you may even save someones life one day. Hugs Edith

by mad14kt 09 Feb 2010

Lillian He who is without FAULT let them cast the first stone. We have ALL sinned and fall short of His glory, so those who judge must be careful they are NOT JUDGED! YOU have been a BLESSING too many!!! Hugs sent your way!!!! ;D *2U

1 comment
gramsbear by gramsbear 09 Feb 2010

AMEN to this!!!

by jacquipaul 09 Feb 2010

Don't worry; we've all been misled by the e-mails that circulate, at times. Your posting may have saved someone in a state that did use *77.
I would never slap anyone who was trying to help me.

pitchyourstitch by pitchyourstitch 09 Feb 2010

Hi. I am new here, my name is christy.
I wanted to say that ANYONE who TRIES to help others should be appreciated to begin with.. what kind of person WANTS to hurt someone so bad and make them think they owe the world some kind of appology for trying to help others? Well someone who is very unhappy with themselves and who doesn't bother trying to help others, just complains about...obviously a good person! Sounds to me like you got your friends backin ya! That alone should show the TRUTH! Plus God backs anyone who TRIES!!

marietta by marietta 09 Feb 2010

Welcome here, and well said. Hugs and God bless