by blhamblen 07 Feb 2010

I am truly thankful to have some stability and schedule to my life.It's a start!! Thanx to ALL of you for your thoughts and prayers. The POWER is there!!


by edithfarminer 09 Feb 2010

that is such good news, well done.

by 10tje 09 Feb 2010


by grandmamek 09 Feb 2010

congratulations Barb. I am happy for you. I hope it turns out to end up to be permanant and I hope you love your new job. That truly is good news. Hugs, Mary

by bokkieborduur 09 Feb 2010

Congrats Barb I am so glad. Temp jobs turn out to be permanents. Hold thumbs Love Marie

by marthie 09 Feb 2010

I am so glad for you

by sewmom 08 Feb 2010

Congratulations and good luck!

by jrob Moderator 08 Feb 2010

Whooooohooo!!!! Celebration! Life can't get much better when you have a new job AND get new shoes ;).....I'm so happy for you Barb.

by katydid 08 Feb 2010

I am so sorry i haven't kept up with your quest for a job, but i can see you are very excited. when you have time go over it again for us who missed out earlier. Love, Kay

by dbw01 08 Feb 2010

WOW! Good for you! Congrats! WONDERFUL! Thanks for the GOOD news and HAPPY thoughts!

by clawton 08 Feb 2010

Congratulations and hope it turns into the perm. job especially if you like it.

by sissibrode 08 Feb 2010

Oh Barb, my sis, i'm soooooooooooo happy for you !!!



by shazells 08 Feb 2010

Congratulations on your new venture Hugs Shazells

by jasanne 08 Feb 2010

I'm so pleased for you and pray it works out well.

by dlonnahawkins 07 Feb 2010

Congratulations to you. And good luck with the job - some of the temporary to perm jobs work out really well for you. I have been blessed, so far, I just celebrated my 30th year anniversay with my companpy. They seem pleased with what I do, so hopefully I can stay a few more years - or until I can afford to retire. Special good thoughts to you.

by nanniesara 07 Feb 2010

Congrats to you. Hope it turns out to be a permanent position. Good Luck. Get some comfy shoes especially if you have to do a lot of standing or gonna be on your feet a lot. Nothing takes the place of a comfy pair of shoes. Again good luck. Sara

by raels011 07 Feb 2010

great for you Congratulations

by manami 07 Feb 2010

Oh my Lord! I'm so happy for you Barb!!! Congratulations!!!! Love, Yoriko

by lbrow 07 Feb 2010

This is best news I've heard today Barb. Congratulations!! Temps usually do turn into perms. I am so proud for u. *

by pennifold 07 Feb 2010

Congratulations Barbara, a new job, a new year, a new start and to boot (pardon the pun!) NEW SHOES!!!!

But, I bet you won't be wearing ones like these?

What more could a girl ask for? Hope it does turn into a full time position.

Love and blessings Chris

Praise the Lord!

by camylow 07 Feb 2010

Yes the Almighty Power is there....Hes watching out for you Barb....Glad to hear this great deanna

1 comment
sarahrose by sarahrose 08 Feb 2010

couldn't have said it better.

by judybell 07 Feb 2010

Great, enjoy and hope you can get on full time. God Bless, Judy *4U

by gerryvb 07 Feb 2010

wow, that's great!! hope it will turn in permanent, but this is already good start! congratulations!!

by castelyn 07 Feb 2010

Congratulations Barb. Will keep you in my prayers, that it turns into a permanent post. Hugs Yvonne

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Feb 2010

Congratulations, with your toes through the door, (in your new shoes) hopefully the job will become permanent. When do you start?
Good Luck

by designgirl 07 Feb 2010

Congrats to you, hope it turns to a permanent job.

by michele921 07 Feb 2010

congrats on the job. know just how you feel getting a job is so important these days so hard to find, hope it turns perm, good luck and wishes are with you

by jacquipaul 07 Feb 2010

Congratulations; will pray a thank you prayer to God. Pray that it will become a permanent post.

by crazystitcher 07 Feb 2010

Fantastic! hope all continues well for you.

by mops Moderator 07 Feb 2010

Congratulations! I hope it will turn into something permanent.