by gramy 29 Jan 2010

I have a painting of a cross I need made into a PES embroidery pattern to use a a christian retreat. It will be put on items we will give the ladies as keepsake of weekAnyone have suggestions??


by lbrow 29 Jan 2010

Looks like a lot of cutes are coming to your rescue. I think that is wonderful of them, there are no finer anywhere. *

by shazells 29 Jan 2010

Hi if you can post or send a Picture I may be able to help

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gramy by gramy 29 Jan 2010

see project section mfor my posting of picture

by gramy 29 Jan 2010

I have posted picture in the "Projects" section. Hope this is right place for it

by meganne 29 Jan 2010

It would be helpful to post a picture of the painting you wish to have DIGITISED.

Volunteers to digitise a design prefer to know what they are getting themselves into before making a commitment, because it can take many hours, even days, to properly digitise a design, depending on the complexity of the design.

I will check back in the morning to have a look at your picture and see if anyone else has offered to help you.

Please remember that the Cuties who offer to digitise designs do not work for this website, we have no affiliation with the website, whatsoever, other than being just another member like yourself.

We offer our designs as a GIFT to our fellow Cuties and our only reward is the love we have for the art of digitising and the wonderful hobby of machine embroidery.

The offer of payment, in return for all our work, while it may be turned down, is still highly appreciated. Though most digitising Cuties will gladly accept a "thank you"

Hugs and roses, Meganne

gramy by gramy 29 Jan 2010

How do I go about posting the picture? I am real new at this

shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 Jan 2010

Gramy got it posted in projects!

mops by mops 29 Jan 2010

I saw the picture; it's not the easiest one to digitise if you want to get the flow of the different colours right. Is the drawing your own or do you have permission to use it?

gramy by gramy 29 Jan 2010

yes I was given the picture by artist for use on this retreat