by marlakay 27 Jan 2010

and I got an email back today. They have the covers on hand and they only cost $2.50 plus tax, plus about a $1.00 for shipping it to me. Ebay wanted about $8.95 plus $6.90 for shipping!!!! The owner of John's sewing center was so nice. He is shipping the cover to me tomorrow and then when I receive it I am to send him a check. Wow! You don't hear of that too often anymore. But the fees for processing a credit card payment are high. Now I have a place to get my machines serviced too.

If I am ever in Eau Claire I am going to make sure that I have time to stop in there and look around. I have the Janome 9500 and the 10000 upgraded to the 10001. I would love to have the 11000 SE.


by arisann 27 Jan 2010

This is so great. Can you share the name of the shop?

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marlakay by marlakay 01 Feb 2010

John's Sewing Center
Eau Claire, WI

by mad14kt 27 Jan 2010

FIESTA!!! I pray John MANY BLESSSINGS. Good service/help/etc. is hard to find now a days. When you find someone who will walk with you, that's FIESTA!!! Happy to know that you will be back to CREATING in no time ;D *2U

by castelyn 27 Jan 2010

That is great news.
That is what I call customer service.
YOU DON'T find that often , now days - Hugs Yvonne