by marlakay 25 Jan 2010

sometimes I lose it, but then find it. This time I'm not so sure if I will find it. I think it fell off of my table into either one of my large rubbermaid plastic containers or maybe even into the garbage...who knows!!!! I've been looking through all of my many many containers of fabric and notions just hopping I will find it. Well, I give up. I'm ready to buy a new cover. You can't use the machine without the bobbin cover. Guess what---I am more careful now with bobbin cover that I have for my other machine!!!!

Thanks in advance for your help.


by raels011 26 Jan 2010

Just bought one for a friend from my Janome dealer cost $5 Aus

by meganne 25 Jan 2010

I can highly recommend GoneSewingCompany on Ebay. If you go to his store, click on any item to find the "contact seller" button and email him with the your machine's model number and he will do his best to get you what you need, his name is David.
2nd link should take you to the search I did, of his store, for Janome for you.
HNR, Meganne

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marlakay by marlakay 26 Jan 2010


by mpo14011 25 Jan 2010

Your dealer.

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marlakay by marlakay 26 Jan 2010

The closest Janome dealer is over 75 miles away - in Eau Claire, WI.

by jerrib 25 Jan 2010

try ebay

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marlakay by marlakay 26 Jan 2010

I am a big ebay user so I did look there and I found one, but I was too upset to buy it as they wanted $8.99 and $6.90 to ship a small piece of plastic that probably costs only $1.00 to ship!
Thanks for suggesting it though as some people don't think of looking there.