by maureenpisciotta 24 Jan 2010

I'm seeking DOW designs for kitchen towels.....does anyone have to share?


by teddybear117 26 Jan 2010

I put this up yesterday not remembering who wanted the DOW designs. If you belong to or don't mind joining the yahoo group for Daffy Down Dilly there are DOW and MOY designs for free.

by jacquipaul 26 Jan 2010

Found some cute monkey DOW designs at splinters and threads for you.

by sewmom 25 Jan 2010

Skeldale House has some on their group page. You have to join the Yahoo group.

by sewmom 25 Jan 2010

Skeldale House has some on their group page. You have to join the Yahoo group.

by jacquipaul 25 Jan 2010

Have you looked for just the words, (Monday, Tuesday, etc) and then adding the pictures that you desire?

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by sbott54 25 Jan 2010

Designs by SiCK has several sets that you could checkout. Their prices are very reasonable. On their home page look at the left-hand side of the page for "Days of the Week" or use their search function:

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lenamae by lenamae 26 Jan 2010

sick has a thing you can pay 10 dollars and down load as many designs as you want to in a week you can get lots of designs in a week that is for sure.

by gerryvb 25 Jan 2010

welcome, now i know what DOW designs are, i did not know :) but cannot help you the had always at Annthegrann but since things were changed overthere thet are no longer all for free.

by grammys56 25 Jan 2010 has some and if u watch the site they go on sale a lot.
i got a ton of them, but i cant remember where i got them at the moment. if u like a design u can always just add the words on to it. just thought i might help a little. welcome aboard & not allowed to share design just sites. grammy

by sorval 25 Jan 2010

you can try it here
hugs Sonja

by toet 25 Jan 2010

Hi and a big welcome to the cute family,sorry we cannot share designs. I am bumping you to the top of the question list so hopefully some of the cuties can give you some links for what you are searching. Try reasking your question making it clear what you are searching for,good luck.

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by iris2006 25 Jan 2010

Do you mean share designs???? If that is the case than I must say you that sharing designs is not alowed, we only share links where we can download designs. Welcome to Cute by the way.

by maryp1 25 Jan 2010

I think it means Days of the Week

by whitedaisy 25 Jan 2010

what is DOW? kisses

by raels011 25 Jan 2010

I don't know what DOW stands for

shazells by shazells 25 Jan 2010

Days of Week darl

gerryvb by gerryvb 25 Jan 2010

thanks for asking Raels , did not know either :)

bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 25 Jan 2010

Thanks now I know to Love Marie

draco by draco 25 Jan 2010

Now I know too. :o)

suzettebritz by suzettebritz 25 Jan 2010

Now I know too:0)