by jand803 15 Jan 2010

Does anyone know where to find a large (5x7) FSL snowflake preferably for free?


by bevintex 15 Jan 2010

7 beautiful snowflakes here all free but not sure of the size

sewmom by sewmom 16 Jan 2010

I have these. They are under 4 inch.

jand803 by jand803 17 Jan 2010

Thank you but these are 8 points and snowflakes should be 6 points. I did download them though. I may use them some other time.

by sewmom 15 Jan 2010

1. 4 inch. Sorry that's the best I can do.

jand803 by jand803 15 Jan 2010

Thank you. Smaller than I hoped for, but I like it.

sewmom by sewmom 16 Jan 2010

That was 4 inches not 1.4. I hope that wasn't confusing.

jand803 by jand803 22 Jan 2010

No, not confusing. I read it as one 4". Thanks.