by jberd 13 Jan 2010

Well I was doing so well I have been downloading the embossed alphabet that is currently running and I missed the G and H + C I wanted to know is there any where to get the missed files ? thanks


by lbrow 13 Jan 2010

Welcome to the Cute site jberd & grams has answered your question . we r glad to have u with us. *

by gramsbear 13 Jan 2010

Welcome JBERD, and there is 2 different things you can do to get missed files. You can purchase them individually, or buy a membership and D/L ALL of Cute Embroidery designs that you want at no extra charge. I have had my membership for quite a while now, and I don't worry if I miss one or two, cause I can D/L what I want anytime. Hope this helps! Hugs & * to you!