by marlakay 03 Jan 2010

I am looking for a free embroidery design for a snare drum with sticks.

Thanks in advance for any help.


by embroiderynikki 08 Jan 2010

Here is a snare drum, but it is not free:

by hette 05 Jan 2010

simple but nice snare at EmbLib link below - I have drummers, too, have not found any free... another one in Starbird is real good, part of an orchestra pack, link below. I think they have black outlines,too

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marlakay by marlakay 06 Jan 2010

Thanks for your help.

by gerryvb 04 Jan 2010

I see a drum without sticks on

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marlakay by marlakay 06 Jan 2010

That drum is exactly what I am looking for. I wish it had sticks to go with it! Thanks.