by damaris 02 Jan 2010

Good Morning. It is 17 degrees below zero this morning in MN. Lower with the wind chill. Good day to stay indoors.


by mnladyus 03 Jan 2010

It's -32 this morning way up in Northern Minnesota

damaris, where are you located?

by cathiejones 03 Jan 2010

Good day to do you embroidery to be ready for Valentine day or easter !!
Make yourself a nicehot coffee (or tea !)

by lbrow 03 Jan 2010

Dsmaris I start shiverrrring just thinking about it. *

by waterlily 02 Jan 2010

YIKES!! I do not envy you! It was only 30 here in MD all day, and very blustery. I believe the temp is supposed to drop to the lower 20s. I hate winter!! SNOW, COLD, and WIND, are all four letter words!!

Stay inside and stay warm!!

by edenandandrea 02 Jan 2010

My children are out shoveling so we can get to the store today. Lots of snow last night. Fortunately it is not too cold only 25degrees.

by dlonnahawkins 02 Jan 2010

This would be a good day to have a nice pot of soup on, and fire going, and a good book and snuggy to curl up with. Stay warm. It is even cool here in Florida, and it look likes we have about a week of it. My heat kicked on, and we are only supposed to be in the 50's today. I know, I should appreciate it, and believe me, I do, but that is cold for we Flordians. Stay warm.

by gerryvb 02 Jan 2010

here it's -2 celcius , but snowing all day long,it's not safe to be outside it's only snow, and Ice under it. so people in cape town like Marthie can you send some sunshine?

by shirlener88 02 Jan 2010

Dee, it is 19 degrees here but not but not below - I don't know if I could live being that cold - sounds like a great day to do some embroidery to me.

by lenamae 02 Jan 2010

Here in North Carolina it is not bad but I still like being in side when it is cols was in southern CA for five yeard and it is cold to me.
Of course I am sick right now so that does not help a lot. Lenamae

by marthie 02 Jan 2010

Good Afternoon. Just got home. Outside temperature is 33 degrees Celcius!!!! Very hot here in Cape Town. Rather wish I was in one of these snowy towns.

by rmj8939 02 Jan 2010

I am glad I am here instead of there! We are 20 also in NY.

by celticlady1031 02 Jan 2010

We're practically having a heat wave right now. It's a whole -20. Don't know what the wind chill is and I'm probably better off not knowing. We've been in the -30's and low 40's so this almost feels warm. I never in my whole life thought I'd say that coming from So. California. Keep warm and enjoy your day.

by designgirl 02 Jan 2010

Good morning. It is 14 degrees here in the Niagara area of Ontario. Very little snow on the ground. Have a good day indoors and stay warm. Lynn

by marietta 02 Jan 2010

Good afternoon - 31F indoors here in Cape Town, South Africa, would much rather be there by you, I am sitting here in a bath of sweat.
God bless all

by read180 02 Jan 2010

Good morning -14 here in South Minneapolis, MN
Cindy B

by manami 02 Jan 2010

Oh Damaris, I still remember how cold it was in MN and I miss it :) Good to go ice fishing! I didnt know about embroidery those times, I guess I would prefer stay indoors if I was there now :)
Love, Yoriko

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marietta by marietta 02 Jan 2010

It is sure nicer and cosier inside when it is cold, isn't it?
Hugs. Marietta