by sukiray 18 Dec 2009

Hi cuties!

Hope you are all having a joyous time this holiday season. With all the confusions, I missed out on the Merry Xmas font -H-. Please vote for me. Thank you in advance. Hugs, Sukiray


by gg2009 19 Dec 2009

Voted #16. ttt

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sukiray by sukiray 19 Dec 2009

Thank You and have a blessed Holiday and a Happy & HEALTHY New Year!
Hugs, Sukiray.

by designcrazy 18 Dec 2009

I know what you mean with all there is to do at this time of year. I missed the -R-, I will vote for the -H-, will you please vote for R for me. Thanks

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sukiray by sukiray 19 Dec 2009

I sure will, and thank you for the vote.
I marked down the -R- and I will vote for you until you get it.(every day)
Have a Merry Cristmas and a Happy & a Healthy New Year.
Cheers, Sukiray