by marlakay 14 Dec 2009

. I saw an embroidery design that I really liked for sale at for $44.95. That is way too much for me to pay. Thanks in advance for any help.


by mariahail 15 Dec 2009

If you want a FSL you could go to OPW and check embroidery Mutz, they had a very pretty one and you could use the porcelain head instead of the fsl one.Good luck on your search.You can also buy a plastic cone and put the head on it and then design the arms for the porcelain hands and do a pretty dress for it!!!!****

by esadsh 15 Dec 2009

I went to that site Holley Berry and they do sell just the head and arms for $5 if you can get a pattern for the rest of it.

by meganne 15 Dec 2009

I just had a look at that design at Holley Berry and you could easily make this yourself, since it is only embroidered material, not FSL.

The price does include postage and comes with the head and hands, I'd assume they are already painted, and fired to completion.

Porcelain dolls are first created in a mold, then there are hours of work cleaning the greenware, then it is baked in a kiln for many hours, then the bisque has to be sanded smooth again, then it is painted in stages and requires baking in the kiln again after each lot of painting.

Mind you, looking at the close-up of this particular bust I wasn't impressed by the workmanship as you can buy really nice completed or even vintage sets on Ebay with much prettier faces too.

Why don't you just look for lovely doll's dress patterns and embroider it with lovely scroll work designs. The cape is as easy as pie to make and attaching to a bust is not as difficult as it might first seem.

You can get free doll body patterns online too, just do a google search, if you can't find what you are looking for email me and I will check my stash of patterns but I will need to know the bust size you end up with to get the correct body size.

The alternative of course is to just use very stiff clear plastic, the type they use to make product packaging. I cut up the plastic boxes the Christmas crackers come in and the plastic fronts on perfume gift packs etc. you never know when you need a piece of stiff plastic.

I've added a link below for all types of doll projects and patterns, I do hope this helps.
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by meganne 15 Dec 2009

Sorry, but I haven't seen any for putting on porcelain dolls. I think that would be really lovely.

Embroidery Library does have some 3d FSL treetop Angels but they would not be suitable for what you want.

Have you tried searching using Google, I would type in words like "treetop angel designs" or variations on that, and see what comes up.

Please let us know if you find anything.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

by sandynavas 15 Dec 2009