by damaris 02 Dec 2009

Instead of sewing I am making candy today. I made crunchy peanut butter balls and butter cream balls. Yesterday I made 8 loaves of egg nog bread. More to do Turtles next on the list


by damaris 03 Dec 2009

2 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup egg nog 1/2 c. melted butter 2 tsp. rum extract 1 tsp. vanilla 2& 1/4 cup flour 2 tsp baking powder beat eggs then add the rest and beat grease pans 35-45 minutes glaze 2/3 cup powdered sugar 2-3 tsp egg nog drizzle over top when cool slightly 350degrees

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damaris by damaris 03 Dec 2009

forgot to say egg nog bread recipe

by dollygk 03 Dec 2009

Well..... aren't you the busy bee... will you take orders?? Keep up the good work!

by shirlener88 03 Dec 2009

Dee, you are sure ambious - that is wonderful and takes alot of patients - I am afraid that - that sort of craft would be so hard to resisit. Would love some recipes, though. *4U

by chenille 02 Dec 2009

Would you like to come for a visit?? We have room.

by grandmamek 02 Dec 2009

That is what I need to get busy with. I always make candy every year. I am still behind with the sewing. Next week hubby goes hunting for the week. I maybe will get caught up. Your candy and egg nog bread sound delious. Hugs Mary

by raels011 02 Dec 2009

Where's mine

by lindaavolio 02 Dec 2009

Sound delicious!!!!!

by dlonnahawkins 02 Dec 2009

OK - I just gained 10 pounds! Good for you to get all of that done. I have decided that I will not do a lot of baking this year, but may have to rethink that if my grandson comes home on leave. We sure miss him, and we make sure that he is well fed when he is hom.

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damaris by damaris 03 Dec 2009

give your grandson a hug from all of us and thank him for us God Bless

by lbrow 02 Dec 2009

I've been cooking also Damaris. Made a 10 lb white fruitcake today. Candies & cookies & more fruitcakes coming up shortly. we are getting ready for Christmas aren't we? *

by dkjack 02 Dec 2009

Never heard of egg nog bread! Sounds delious. Mind sharing the receipe? :)

by manami 02 Dec 2009

Damaris, post some pictures, I want to know what they look like :)

damaris by damaris 02 Dec 2009

I will have to get a digital camera so I can post some pictures. I have to make about 200 penut butter balls for my daughter. Also about 100 turtles. She will help with these I hope

karenjay by karenjay 02 Dec 2009


by mnladyus 02 Dec 2009

Can I come to your house? LOL

by designgirl 02 Dec 2009

Do you ship? I doubt I could get the sweets past customs.HeHeHe.

by sqdancer 02 Dec 2009

Boy am I glad I don't live near you ...I would be out of my mind...Happy Holidays ...

by gheda65 02 Dec 2009

OMGolly I am putting on weight just reading this...glad you don't live near me...LOL...enjoy your holiday preparations....hugs x0x0x0x

by blhamblen 02 Dec 2009

Y U Mmmmmm I made the 7 layer magic bars, 3 layer cookies, peanut butter balls AND 6 batches of Peanut brittle!!! Cookie Exchange on Sunday!!!

damaris by damaris 02 Dec 2009

mine are for neighbors and friends

damaris by damaris 02 Dec 2009

7 layer magic bars sound delicious.Do you give the recipe?

by gerryvb 02 Dec 2009

when can we come and taste?

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 02 Dec 2009

I am with you. Lets go together.