by babyred 19 Nov 2009

I am looking for a short baby boy poem to put on a blanket for a newborn. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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by esadsh 21 Nov 2009

The only one I ever heard was...
Snakes and snails
and puppy dog tails,
that's what little boys are made of.

My husband (the digitizer lol) says you could add the designs of some of those things to the verse.

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babyred by babyred 21 Nov 2009

Thanks! I thought of that one also. But the blanket has baby bunnies on it.

by kkcogle 20 Nov 2009

I found these....could be cute with a little baby footprint design...

Little hands, little feet
Pure and precious, and Oh So Sweet!

A baby makes footprints in our hearts
that never dim or fade.

Babies baby makes footprints in our lives
Even before they arrive!

Where ere a baby's little footprints are found,
There is precious and hallowed ground.

The pitter patter of little baby feet
is music to the ears and ever so sweet!

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babyred by babyred 21 Nov 2009

Thanks! I like the little hands, little feet one.

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Nov 2009

Nice poems, Eva! I don't know any, but am sending this back to the top. hugs, M

by evajungermann 20 Nov 2009

For english is not my mother tounge I can not offer too many, but you maybe like these I got from the wonderful booklet by Kari Pearson (the designer of cutest fabrics and quilt designs
"Oh baby baby" :

Where did you come from baby dear?
out of the everywhere into the here....

and for a baby boy :

a dream has come true
all bundled in blue
oh what a joy!
our sweet baby boy!

for girls she has this one:

ten tiny fingers
ten tiny toes
our angel is here
in rosebuds and bows.

Maybe you want to replace the word "in rosebuds" with "on dinosaurs" or somewhat to make the poem more manly. ;-)

babyred by babyred 20 Nov 2009

Thank you Eva. I may use one of these. However, had to take my machine to the hospital today! All it does is give me bird's nests on the back of my designs. I may get it back tomorrow.

lenamae by lenamae 21 Nov 2009

A dream come true
ten tiny fingers
ten tiny toes
our angel is here
A sweet little boy
All bundled in Blue