by mimisews2 02 Nov 2009

Good evening! Has anyone seen any designs with the Tennessee Titans logo

or something close to it? My GS likes them and wants a t-shirt with the logo on it. Or is that copyrighted? Thanks!


by gramsbear 07 Nov 2009

Hope you find something you can use. For the Steeler's, I used a player I digitized, making his clothes the right colors, and added the lettering.

by katydid 06 Nov 2009

I brought this back up to tell you that i saw TN.Titans fabric in Joanns. with all the licensed fabrics. You could a Applique design using the fabric. What do you think? Kay

by mimisews2 03 Nov 2009

Thanks everyone! I thought it might be copyright, but wasn't sure. I think I can come up with something to please him. Appreciate your help!! *4 you all!!

by katydid 02 Nov 2009

make it look similar but not exact. good luck!!

by marvel 02 Nov 2009

Definitely copyrighted and the NFL keeps a very tight rein on their logos. Your best bet would probably be to purchase some of the licensed fabric with the Titans logo and to applique it.

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mimisews2 by mimisews2 03 Nov 2009

Thanks, I don't keep up with sports, but I thought it might be an NFL team! Maybe I should get out more????

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Nov 2009

That would be a licensed design, Mimi, and if it's available would probably be from one of the large design houses like Dakota Collectibles or OESD, someone who could afford the license fee to digitize it. I don't know if Googling "Tennessee Titans embroidery design" would help, you'd probably get a million embroidered golf shirts in the results, but it's worth a try. Could you do something similar, like a generic football player, but put the TT colors on it, and maybe Tennessee Titans in the font on your embroidery machine? Or would GS think that's lame, hee hee hee. Good luck to you! Hugs, Marji

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katydid by katydid 02 Nov 2009

Thats what I do!!