by ruthie 02 Nov 2009

It seems I’ve been using the computer too much and it’s causing me to have some health problems.

Don’t worry about me though, its nothing that I can’t deal with, I have to give the computer a miss for the time being. Behave yourselves while I’m gone - well at least as good as I’m going to behave while I’m gone, haha! Much love and hugs to you all. Hope to see you soon. Ruthie (((((XXXXX)))))


by raels011 03 Nov 2009

Hurry back and have a great birthday on the 17th Nov

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ruthie by ruthie 13 Nov 2009

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes, especially to Raels for the birthday wishes. Love you all.

by juanitadenney 03 Nov 2009

Take care yourself and hurry back.

by shirlener88 03 Nov 2009

Ruthie, we will miss you - please hurry back and in the mean time - we will be praying for you.

by waterlily 03 Nov 2009

Take care of yourself, and we hope to see you again soon.... as long as it doesn't pose any risk to your health!

by clawton 02 Nov 2009

Do take care of yourself. We will miss you.

by designgirl 02 Nov 2009

Take care and hope to see you back here soon.

by jrob Moderator 02 Nov 2009

Oh, Ruthie, I'll miss you terribly and hope you are back sooner than later.;)

by lindaavolio 02 Nov 2009

Feel better soon Ruthie...we'll we waiting for you

by lbrow 02 Nov 2009

Ruthie dear, U r one of the Vanguard, You must take care of yourself. Prayers for u, U will be missed, come back to us whenever u can. *

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Nov 2009

Ruthie do take good care of yourself. I will try to be good (can't promise). I am looking forward to seeing you back soon.

by camylow 02 Nov 2009

well PRAYER WARRIORS will be thinking and praying for your health and return..take care......deanna

by dlmds 02 Nov 2009

Well "HI" Ruthie, you have been gone quite sometime. Nice to see you back. Hope your feeling friskie very soon. H&*.

by ksgram1 02 Nov 2009

I'm wishing you a very speedy recovery! Hugs ***

by gerryvb 02 Nov 2009

hope you feel better soon, we will miss you, but your health is more important them we are. So behave and we'll meet you here if the time is there.
hugs and *4U!

by dailylaundry 02 Nov 2009

Ruthie - do take very good care of yourself. We will be waiting for your return!! Hugs, Laura

by blhamblen 02 Nov 2009

You will be missed...I know how addictive it can be...but ALL of YOU Cuties have been my ROCK for the past year:) THANX

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by mops Moderator 02 Nov 2009

It's so addictive, before you know it you're staying at the computer far too long and not always in the most comfortable position.
When I first came to Cute the 'honour' list was only 5, with Jrob, Cutiepie and you - with a nice puppet as avatar if I remember rightly. Hope you recover soon as Cute isn't Cute without you.
I'll try to behave myself. oxo

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marjialexa by marjialexa 02 Nov 2009

I remember, Martine! That puppet/doll head was Ruthie's own creation, too. And I remember when you added your own 'hat' as your avatar photo. Ruthie, you be good too, when you're away from us! Maybe you need to do like I did, get a laptop and compute in bed, hee hee hee. Love you much, I can't promise to behave, hugs, Marji

by quiltgrama 02 Nov 2009

Sorry you have to go but get better soon so you can come back to us. Hugs

by marietta 02 Nov 2009

Hello Ruthie, I hope you have a good rest, and feel better soon.
Hope to hear from you again, soon.
Hugs and God bless.