by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

I didn't want to use it unnecessarily nor did I want to make a mistake. I was making them for all the in-laws for Christmas...found them on ebay for a song and they are really nice!!! Yay! I have 20 to do...I will wait to start them until I have a clue! Thanks again for all each of you do to encourage a newbie!!!!!



by colonies1 15 Sep 2009

you got good advice so here is a flower

by lbrow 14 Sep 2009

I would listen to Jerrilyn cinder. Never known her to be wrong yet. *

by gerryvb 14 Sep 2009

I don't think it's necessary, but it's easier to use sticky tear-away stabilizer so you don't have to hoop the bag. hope you post the result in projects.

by mariahail 14 Sep 2009

You don't need stabilizer in a heavy canvas, BUT...I always use some to be on the safe side.****

cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

Thank you Maria for the wisdom. Blessings!

cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

Any ideas on the needle size? I have sharp point 75/11, is that sufficient? Thank you!

by jrob Moderator 14 Sep 2009

Use a tear away. I have done this logo on jean jackets, t-shirts, cotton shirts, towels and then I decided to try it on this bag. It is VERY heavy and I hooped without problem and stitched it. It's not a huge problem, but I'm a bit picky, the outline is pulled slightly away from the design on the left side. (Hopefully you can zoom and see it) Every other medium I stitched it on using stabilizer was perfect.

cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

I think it looks great! So did you use a stabilizer on the bag, forgive me I wasn't sure if you had. Thank you for blessing me with your knowledge!

cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

oops, I must have skipped hearing the first sentence in your post! my bad.

jrob by jrob 14 Sep 2009

I will use a tear away next time. This is a very large bag and it easily turned for hooping.

cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

What would you recommend a light or medium based stabilizer? Thank you so much for all you do!

by marjialexa Moderator 14 Sep 2009

Congratulations on your great purchase! I love bargains. If they are a heavy canvas, I wouldn't think you'd need stabilizer. The role of stabilizer in any embroidery is to give a solid base to support that many separate stitches placed so close together. Because most of the fabric" we embroider on is lightweight, or stretches, or both, then we need to "stabilize" it, literally, to take the stitches. But on heavy fabrics, they're already heavy enough to support extra stitches. I might stabilize stretch denim, more because of the stretch than the denim. Do make sure you use a sharp, heavy duty embroidery needle. And try to pick designs that are not too dense in themselves, because you'll be sewing through the design and the canvas. Others will come along with more specific advice, like the number needle you should use, etc. This is just a rough idea. Hugs, Marji

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cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

Thank you Marji! I have been pondering this for days. I think the canvas is a medium weight at a minimum. You are a blessing to me!

by shirlener88 14 Sep 2009

Judy, I would use a lightweight tear away - only because I like to hoop my stablizer and pin and baste my bags to that. I really don't like to hoop a bag - but really - you be the judge - hoop one with and one without - you will be able to tell if you want to do it one way or the other. Can't wait to view these in the project section - good luck with 20 - hope you are not doing the same design on each of them. *4U

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cinderoak by cinderoak 14 Sep 2009

That is an idea that had not crossed my mind Shirlene! Use those handy dandy basting stitches! Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I am excited because I plan to do each bag suited to the recipient. Blessings!