by cinderoak 13 Sep 2009

As I read, I was thinking if we would all stand in agreement to overlook a less than positive posting on Cute. The process of elimination would ensue, if we don't respond the post cannot return to the top of the front page. No response, no attention. Our reactions can further the longevity of offenses and result in conflict. It appears no one benefits from that kind of situation and the power of the tongue is undeniable.

I realize I am a newbie, please know my heart is only to bless what I have come to love about Cute. All of your experiences and postings have built this community, as such I pray I haven't overstepped my place. Thank you and Miss Veronika, you are a blessing! Where would I be without you!!!
Blessings and love, judy


by manami 14 Sep 2009

Judy, great post! I'm too so grateful for having found this beautiful community where we share love, giving, caring...Miss Veronika is a blessing to all of us. I also think where would I be without you all. Love and blessings, Yoriko

by pennifold 14 Sep 2009

My thoughts exactly - well said Judy. This site is and has become a second home for me too.

I just love coming on here every night or morning depending on what the day holds and read all the posts.

I have been busy finishing off an advent calendar by Ellen Maurer-Stroh - 21 so far, so haven't posted anything for a while.

I thank God for all the wonderful spirit filled people on this site and the fabulous digitisers who donate their work so willingly.

And the biggest thank you of all to Veronika for starting up this wonderful site.

It's so refreshing and uplifting to read such positive comments, I personally ignore the negative ones anyway. I am the perpetual Pollyanna!

Love and blessings to you Judy, love Chris

by kathyjt 13 Sep 2009

I love your post. I wish we all would have a positive postings. Be thankful for all the Miss Veronika does for us. I wish we all would be thankful for all the free designs that we get here. Not to think that we should get them all for free. Thank you Miss Veronika.

by marietta 13 Sep 2009

Oh yeeees, I agree with all you sail. Hugs and God bless.

by shirlener88 13 Sep 2009

Judy, thank you for posting this and of coarse you have not overstepped your place - as your place is with each of us - right here - posting! I too, agree - let's keep it positive.

by gg2009 13 Sep 2009

I agree. I usually don't respond to negative posts either.

by lflanders 13 Sep 2009

This would be the perfect reaction in most cases! We do have one or more of very child-like behavior and I have wondered if it is just the need for attention but disrupting the whole Cute Group is not the way to get attention or to win over anyone to get your way. I have wondered in some cases if they were so unhappy here, why did they stay? I have tried several times to explain something to one person and could not get them to understand. My thinking is: if she is smart enough to run an embroidery machine, she should be smart enough to understand something so simple. Some people are what I call "Whoa is me" people. They will never be happy no matter what you say or do for them. I have tried to stop reading their post altogether! Of course, I may think,"I wonder why there is no new letter today," but this is not my site and there are so many great things about this site and the people here are just wonderful ( with an exception or two), there is nothing to complain about. Who can complain about a site that has such wonderful people, great designs, free designs given from the heart by Veronika and other Cuties, and access to all the knowledge the other Cuties have, If you just ask a question. Don't leave out the Fun,Fun, Fun! If someone on this group does not know the answer to something, you can bet that in just a few minutes that someone will tell you were to go to find your answers! What more can you ask for? You meet very nice people from all over the USA as well as all over the world! It is just a great place to be! Linda

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gg2009 by gg2009 13 Sep 2009

I second all your comments. Well written.

by dlmds 13 Sep 2009

Judy, I have been to other sites before I found "Cute". This has been my home ever since I was lucky enough to find "Cute". Many of us have experienced bad and good here over the years. Most here are wonderful, helpful people, so the good wins that is another reason I call this home. H&*.

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Sep 2009

That's a great idea, Judy, and usually that's what happens. Sometimes, we try so very hard to explain and explain how something works, and due to perhaps language differences can't get the point across. Sometimes that gets a bit frustrating, and we 'explain' in some pretty plain language, hee hee hee. I think it comes from us not wanting anyone to feel left out, to understand how the site works, and what relationship there is between the site and the community. Some folks think that posting a question here is talking to the site owner, and we really need to tell them that's not the case, and point them in the right direction. There are often questions like "why doesn't cute do" this or that thing. Well, we don't know, only Veronika knows, being the site owner. So people need to have that explained to them. I don't want personally to have anyone feel that they're being ignored by Veronika or the site, when the comminity isn't the place to ask their question, the 'contact us' button is. Hope I'm explaining this right. I think most people here try to be as positive as they can, and keep everyone else positive, too. Thanks for reminding us who we are, and who we should always be. Hugs, Marji

by gerryvb 13 Sep 2009

oh yes together we can keep this is a strong family!with lots of caring,sharing, love and community.and all because of miss Veronika gives us the opportunity!

by sandynavas 13 Sep 2009

Blessings right back to you - as you have expressed exactly what I feel should be!

Thanks - have a wonderful day, week, rest of the year, etc.

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dcordell by dcordell 14 Sep 2009

I second that >>>> Love this site and all the nice people that we have in here >>>> Thanks