by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

Guess I'll just have to get as close as I can w/o cutting the stitches. Right! This ought to be interesting. hahaha.


by gerryb 09 Sep 2009

I got a low watt soldering iron from Radio Shack that works great. It gets hot enought to melt the "hairs" but won't set the fabric on fire! However, be careful, unless your thread is all natural, it will burn it away too! Nylon material melts away the best. I HAVE used a poly thread, but had to be REALLY careful and even then it sorta fused the thread in spots. Cotton or rayon thread works the best.

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dkjack by dkjack 09 Sep 2009

Thanks Gerry. Will try all suggestions and see what works best for me. :) Hopefull, one of them will. You scared me a little with the word "burn". :)

by debleerl 08 Sep 2009

Mops is right. I bought a soldering iron just for this purpose. It works GREAT! My DH had one but it was icky.

dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

Well.........I'll have to let him try so I know how to use it. Wish me luck. :)

debleerl by debleerl 09 Sep 2009

Good Luck! Don't forget to post them in projects so we can see how you did. I have some FSL 3d flowers I put on my wall at work, but never took a picture. I also have more I haven't tried yet. Guess I'm to busy doing stuff for everyone else.

by angelmakes3 08 Sep 2009

Would you please tell us where you got them at? Or did I miss that? I would love to see them. THANKS Pat

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dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

They were freebies I got a long time ago and have never tried them. The design just said 3D flower. I have several (rose, daisy, petunia). You stitch each leaf and petal of each flower, one at a time and then assemble. The assembly will be my next thought process. :) I'll post a picture when I get them stitched out before I cut or "blow torch" as Ruthie said. No just kidding, I'll use my DH little hot cutting tool. It may be one of his leather cuting tools. Who knows :)

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by ksieminskie 08 Sep 2009

then after dry there will be a few whiskers easy to trim. this work well I made 75+ for my ladies at church mother day they just raved also made butterfly and dragon fly the same way. hope this helps. my first time trying to chat nanna sassy. (START) I use stiff tulle and organza and one layer of wss some times I make a sandwich layer of organza -wss-organza or tulle-wss-tulle stitch the design then cut out with tiny curved scissors curved very important trim as close as possible without cutting design.gently wash out the wss rubbing around the edges the blot as dry put natural position for petal

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dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

Welcome ksieminskie! I'll keep this in mind. Will try both methods suggested here and let you know how I come out.

by marietta 08 Sep 2009

Hope you get it right, because you can make the most wonderfull things this way. I made some lovely bookmarks on organza, and they are still being used. The ladies of our book club, who I gave one each, love theirs and use it often. Shirlene gave you a great idea, I use hubbies soldering iron.

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dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

DH didn't say what the tool was. Said something about it being like an exacto knife that heats up. Said I could cut them out of the material and it would sing the edges as I cut. Hope I don't sing my fingers. hahaha

by ruthie 08 Sep 2009

Deborah, is there a row of straight stitches before the satin stitches, you could do it like an applique then - cut the fabric in between doing the two layers (I haven't tried this with organza or sheers though). Alternatively, you could 'cover the little hairs' with a fabric pen to match the thread color. But personally, I don't think anyone else would notice them, and if they did, they would probably think they were meant to be like that. Love and hugs sweetie, and please let us know what you do in the end.

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dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

No, now row of stitching. Definately not FSL and not applique. Will put in project if I ever get done correctly. :)

by shirlener88 07 Sep 2009

Deb, what 3D are you talking about - did I miss something? Good luck - you can always use a little tool to burn the edges of the material of fabric - thread back, too.

dkjack by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

What 3D? The patterns say 3D. The petals and leaves are stitched each petal and leaf one at a time and then you assemble. Oh dear, now I have to figure out how to put them together. :) Boy do I get myself into things. :) Embroidery Library Projects here I come. :)

Burn the edges of the material of fabric!!!!! Oh, Shirlene! I'm accident prone. Do you really trust me to do something like that? I'd hate for you to see on the nightly news about this dumb lady that was burning material away to make a flower and burned her house down. hahaha

Don't worry. My DH says he has a tool "he can use to do it for me." hahaha You see, he doesn't trust me either. :)

ruthie by ruthie 08 Sep 2009

Deborah, I hope your DH isn't referring to a 'blowtorch' - that would be a bit extreme, haha!

mops by mops 08 Sep 2009

Small soldering iron would do the trick.

dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

Oh Ruthie! You make me laught! :)

sarahrose by sarahrose 09 Sep 2009

You guys are so funny, ROFLOL!