by sambsranch 06 Sep 2009

Please please vote for the petite fleur font letter C... I missed it with all the Dr's. appts and running around with my husband getting things ready for his surgery... Please vote for the letter C

Thank U..
Sam :)


by shirlener88 07 Sep 2009


by marietta 07 Sep 2009

Done, good luck.

by marjialexa Moderator 07 Sep 2009

ttt for you, Sam, we're trying our best. You might have to wait for the end of the alphabet, though, before we can get it. But I'll go vote now. Hugs, Marji

by sorval 07 Sep 2009

ok we vote again
hugs sonja

by gerryvb 07 Sep 2009

hope you will get it, but i suppose the letters that are voted for get a second chance after finishing the whole don't worry we will vote for this C

by ruthie 07 Sep 2009

Sam your other post regarding this is still doing the rounds, so if there isn't much response on this one, it's because we've all written on your other post. Love and hugs sweetie.

by jacquipaul 06 Sep 2009

Dear Sam,
I answered your post and did vote (No. 14) for the 'C' petite fleur. It's 14 (C) to 61 (N).
Good luck;