by cinderoak 05 Sep 2009

How do I post a review on a sewing machine? I noticed an absence of Babylock reviews so I was going to help. I went to the review portion of Cute but was unable to locate how to post. Ideas?


by ruthie 06 Sep 2009

cinderoak, I was going to add mine a while back, but couldn't, so I just read all the others instead, haha! Love and hugs sweetie.

by shirlener88 06 Sep 2009

It would be nice - but we have to take it as it is. Hehehe! I have a Babylock Ellegante 2 - what is yours? You review yours here - and I will, too. *4U

by marjialexa Moderator 05 Sep 2009

Yes, I think you can only add a comment about the machines already listed. But many more have come out since the list was made, perhaps if you contact Veronika, there may be a way to add new machines to the list. Good luck, it's always nice to have a review of a machine from actual owners and users instead of just salespeople. Hugs, Marji

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cinderoak by cinderoak 05 Sep 2009

Thanks Marji! I use the review section all the time on my sewing website and thought it would be blessing here too!

by iris2006 05 Sep 2009

I looked in the revieuws but the only thing you can add is a reaction I couldn't find how to add a new machine. Mabey you can use the "contact us" button down this page and ask Miss Veronika how you can add a new machine. Hope this helps. Have a nice weekend. Carla

cinderoak by cinderoak 05 Sep 2009

Thank you Carla, I just was thinking it is such a wonderful addition to Cute. All of us newbies have so many questions about our future machines! ;)

cinderoak by cinderoak 06 Sep 2009

Carla, I sent a message to Mess Veronika like you suggested. I hope that is the correct place to do it through as I saw it was via email, hoping it was the right way... thanks again!