by sambsranch 23 Aug 2009

I was wondering If anyone can make a applique ballon shape for the funny faces that 10tje made in the cuties section? I think it would go real well with the faces... What do all of U think??? Sam :)


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by castelyn 24 Aug 2009

I have loaded the 2nd design with a ribbon onto "designs by Cuties"

hope you enjoy - Hugs Yvonne

by castelyn 24 Aug 2009

I have loaded 1 to "designs for Cuties"

Hope you enjoy

by castelyn 24 Aug 2009

Sam I have digitised 2 appliques, I have sent you a PM if you would like to test stitch it before I load it onto "designs by Cuties"

Hugs Yvonne

by colonies1 24 Aug 2009

good idea but I don't know how to do it. *4u all

by lbrow 23 Aug 2009

I think it's a neat idea Sam *4U

by 10tje 23 Aug 2009

I hope someone can help Sam, I unfortunately can not make appliqué, otherwise I would do so.
I have tried to request the designs up to 100 mm.
Thank you all.
Greetings 10tje

mops by mops 24 Aug 2009

Daarom heeft het weinig zin een ballon te maken: die past dan niet meer in de ring.

10tje by 10tje 24 Aug 2009

If any faces are to be made smaller, I do.

by blhamblen 23 Aug 2009

You could do it a lot faster with the satin stitch of your regular machine...that way YOU could change the shape of the applique ears, oblong, round....etc. I can only do the 4X4 area and most of the funny faces are just that size...I had a difficult time withthe doll I made and posted in projects..I still have some adjusting to do!!

by mops Moderator 23 Aug 2009

Digitizing a balloon appliqué would be easy enough BUT the designs all have at least one measurement close to the limits of the (4 x 4 or) 100 x 100 hoop - #21 100 x 82; #19 94 x 44 to name just the first two I looked at - which would mean the balloon would not fit that hoop. And not everyone is so lucky to have a larger hoop size.