by cinderoak 20 Aug 2009

I love the idea of saving money but not at the expense of damaging my machine.


by jasanne 27 Aug 2009

I use a gluestick when I'm making in the hoop things, just a little to hold the fabric till the stitches lock it in place and it works well. I figure it dries pretty quickly and once dry I don't think it is going to be a problem. It's never gummed my needles, but I also avoid putting the gluestick where the design will be stitching.

I have read about using it in place of spray adhesive. On one hand I can't find a decent spray adhesive anyway, and on the other I have a child with respiratory issues, and avoid the use of any aerosol spray type products where possible.

by debleerl 21 Aug 2009

I use the glue stick to hold down applique pieces. It works great. I've never tried it for the whole hooped area as I like the sticky stabilizer and still have plenty. I might give it a try when I run out.

by hoopsisters 21 Aug 2009


by flitter 21 Aug 2009

The glue stick works just fine, doesn't gum up the needle at all. Use the cheapest glue stick that children use for school paper projects. I've used it with great results but I do not baste.

by meganne 21 Aug 2009

Judy you don't need to glue the material down if you are going to baste it to the stabiliser.

First hoop your stabiliser, pin the material to the stabiliser making sure the pins are ACROSS the stitch path (point towards the hoop, not the centre) slowly stitch the material to the stabiliser using your basting stitch, removing pins as needed. Stitch out your design, then remove your basting stitches.

NOW, I have read where some embroiderers keep their leftover WATER SOLUBLE STABILISER, they dissolve the pieces in water and use THIS as 'Glue' to 'Stick' ordinary stabiliser to material.


Perhaps this is what the person meant to convey in their tip. (just a thought)

If you don't have any basting stitches you can use send me an email with the exact size of the sewing area of your hoops, along with the format you require and I will create basting stitch design files for you to use.

Same for anyone else requiring basting stitches.

Hugs n roses, Meganne

by gerryb 21 Aug 2009

Yes & no! I have used fabric glue stick, BUT only around the edge or where the design will NOT be. Thus not sewing thru the glue. Then I basted the item in the hoop to further hold it. Seemed to work for me.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 21 Aug 2009

Does your emboridery machine have the option to baste in hoop prior to stitching the design? I think that would really be an asset if using this technique. Glad to hear it worked for stitching the glue! thank you!

by lbrow 20 Aug 2009

Cinder this is onhe thing I don't believe I would even want to try. I would not want to do anything that I believe would cause damage to my machine & I believe that would gum it all up. there r to many delicate parts inside. *4U

by auntbaba 20 Aug 2009

I personally wouldn't do it because I wouldn't want to risk having the glue stick to my needle and depositing itself on the insides of my machine. I'm not sure that my warranty would cover glue stick gunk. If you do use it, I would float an extra piece of non-glued tearaway to "clean" the needle before it enters the machine. Good Luck!...Barb

by clawton 20 Aug 2009

Haven't hear of it or tried it. However, the 505 spray and fix (a temporary fabric adhesive) works great! odorless, colorless, does not gum needles and etc.

by shirlener88 20 Aug 2009

cinderoak, it is my experience - that anything that you feel you need to try - try - if it works - great - but I try to stay with the tools that have been made for the job - a light quilting or spray adhesive would do the job - quicker and with much less mess in the end. Good luck and let us know how it works for you - *4U

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by lovsewings 20 Aug 2009

I have used my quilting spray. I spray the fabrice before placing it on stabilizer, then hoop together if needed. or if it a towel, I hoop the stabilizer 1st then spray towels , and place on top....also use it on toppers before placing on top of towele.But all spraying is done away from working area, into a box. Since it is made/ called " quilt basting spray",it doesn't mass my needle.

by mad14kt 20 Aug 2009

Good question! I have no idea...FIESTA ;D *2U

by toet 20 Aug 2009

sounds like a lot of work,is it worth it,hehehe

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Aug 2009

Ok, this is not from experience, but I think it's logical. See what others know from actual experience. I think that things that are 'sticky' when they are dry will tend to gum up your needle. The washable glue stick isn't really 'sticky' when it's dry, is it? If you would put it on stabilizer, you'd have to stick your material to it when it's fresh, not dry. I know the 505 spray is sticky for ages after it dries, I would not get it anywhere near my hoop. If I use 505 I spray it on the material and stabilizer out in the garage, put them together, then hoop the whole shebang, but the sticky never gets near the hoop, it's between the materials. I don't use it often enough to gum up a needle. I never tried the glue stick, but I know others have, I hope they see this and answer. I would think it would not be gummy because it's water soluble. The 505 you have to remove with solvent, not water. Or so I'm told. Thanks for asking this question! Hugs, Marji

by cinderoak 20 Aug 2009

To further explain my question, they hooped the stabilizer, next zig zag the glue stick over across the stabilizer and finally lay the fabric down. They did also mention basting the stitch area occasionally if the fabric was heavy.

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Aug 2009

I don't know. I've heard of people using the glue stick to hold down pieces for applique. I don't know if the stick would be as strong, if you're thinking of doing something you wouldn't hoop. I'll look forward to seeing the answers to this question. Hugs, Marji

by lenamae 20 Aug 2009

I do not think I would even the spray will gum up your machine. I some times use the spray but it messes up the hoops.if I use it I put needle lub on the needle so it will not stick

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cinderoak by cinderoak 20 Aug 2009

That was sorta my thinking but they seemed so pleased about it. Ok to ensure everyone realizes how big of a newbie I am, what is needle lube????? Thank you for your input Lenamae!