by draco 19 Aug 2009

OK, Cuties...I need your help. Twice I have posted a freebie thinking it was going to the freebie section and it ends up in the community. I need step by step instruction so I do it right.Thanks.


by evajungermann 20 Aug 2009

you are not alone
i posted a bug report
maybe you have had the same problem like me

by colonies1 20 Aug 2009

yes we are all learning.........patience and you will get it

by wendymay60 19 Aug 2009

If u click the 'show all' your freebie will show up with everythin else but will have the freebie greyed out under your question (information)

by lbrow 19 Aug 2009

Have they got u straight on it now draco? don't let it upset we r all learning *4U

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draco by draco 19 Aug 2009

I hope so. It takes me a while to get all these in the right order. I'll have to find something to do a test run. :o)

by marjialexa Moderator 19 Aug 2009

I wrote a tutorial for finding the freebie tab, Draco, you must have missed it. I'm including the link for you. There are even screen shots in the tutorial to show you how to do it! Thanks for asking, we'll get you to the right place! Hugs, Marji

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draco by draco 19 Aug 2009

Thank You. I'm grateful that you all are so helpful. :o) Hugs

by sewmom 19 Aug 2009

Be sure to check the tabs at the bottom of your question before you submit it. If you accidentally started in the wrong place you can fix it (before submitting) by changing the first category tab below your question box.

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draco by draco 19 Aug 2009

Thank You. Everyone is so kind.:o) Hugs

by gerryvb 19 Aug 2009

okay if you go to questions and answers (Q&A) You see on top of this part 4 tabs:public,freebies,personal and private. to post a freebie click on the tab the right site of the page you see:start a on that and you go to a page that sais:Ask a question.go to nr1.enter your question,post the freebie and the site. If you have too much text,you can add the rest of it in part 2.and if you are ready: click on ask the community. And that's it.