by mysticrainbow 17 Aug 2009

Have been giving flowers out left and right. hehehe Now I just skim past the orange flowers unless there is something I want to revisit. Thanks!


by ruthie 17 Aug 2009

And I think giving flowers is just the most beautiful way to keep track of the questions, love and hugs for you sweetie and enjoy those flowers.

by clawton 17 Aug 2009

this method does work well

by colonies1 17 Aug 2009

*4u all

by shirlener88 17 Aug 2009

mysticrainbow, so happy that you like that idea - it is one that works for me and I do go back into the posts that I have checked as Marji suggested - it really does help and what a fun thing to do - in the mean time - giving flowers to all the CUTE family - I love it. Keep up the good work of watering the garden of others. *4U

by claudenicolas 17 Aug 2009

Marji thank you for this exlanation,with a picture, it is easier to understand. there is now 2 years that I am here, and I had not understand that!!!

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ruthie by ruthie 17 Aug 2009

Don't feel bad Claude sweetie, it took me a while to wake up to that one too, haha. Love and hugs to a beautiful lady.

by nonmusicmom 17 Aug 2009

I to use the flowers to keep up with what post I have read.

by marjialexa Moderator 17 Aug 2009

Yes, isn't that the easiest way? If there is something you definitely want to revisit, use the grey check mark up next to the avatar. When you click on it it will turn orange. Then when you go to the top of the first community page, you will see "show" up there at the top. You can sort by your marked questions, click on that and only the questions you marked with the check will show up! I put in a picture for you here, so you know what you're looking for. Cool, huh? If you go to "tutorial" in the blue words on the left, and look for my avatar, I have witten a lot about how to use the different functions on the site. Good Luck and hugs, Marji