by bluerhino 14 Aug 2009

up with their hands, its all wrincled and hard. I use a wash away stabilizer for this. This result even happend with an Applique design with no stabilizer. Why is this happening? Thanks!


by bluerhino 14 Aug 2009

THANK YOU!! all so much! All your responses are a huge help! ***for everyone :-)

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Aug 2009

Thanks for the question, I have found everyones answers very useful too

by marymoore 14 Aug 2009

well i for one am glad u asked this i thought it was just me now i see the boo boos i make i cut th estabelizer all the way to th edesign ooppss we live and learn

by debleerl 14 Aug 2009

I've never had a problem with T-shirts. This is what I do: Turn the t-shirt inside out and iron on a square of cut-away mesh (this is a very light weight stabilizer and not intended to support the stitches, it just keep the fabric from stretching) make sure it's going to be under the entire design; then turn the shirt right sideout and mark the design placement; hoop a layer of sticky stabilizer on top (sticky side up)of a layer of heavy cutaway; put the hoop in the machine, then after your design placement marks are ligned up with the needle, finger press the rest of the shirt onto the sticky stabilizer. If the design is very dense you may need to float another layer of cut-away. When you trim the stabilizer away from the design, be sure to leave a small amount around the design.

Never embroider a t-shirt without stabilizer.

Check out the "Solutions" tab for Floriani products.

by shirlener88 14 Aug 2009

OH my goodness - the stabilizer question - which comes up all the time - but it is always a great quesiton to review - so many places to get good info - but the best thing to do is to wash your tee - before you work on it - I use a mesh cutaway - I don't cut it too close to the embroidery - leaving some for the stitches to hold onto and then - I always tell whomever I give the item to - that if push comes to shove - they can always put the embroidery side down on a wash cloth and use some steam to make the wrinkles go away of a touch of a hot iron, but lightly. If you have a really dense design - you may need two layers of your mesh cutaway, too. *4U

by bevintex 14 Aug 2009

There is a great video on that shows how to embroider on T shirts and also discusses what stabilizer to use.

by peggyhaws 14 Aug 2009

I am deffinatly NOT n expert, but an expert did tell me not to trim close to the design either, as that will allow the design to curl in on itself. and she said sticky cutaway as well. Make sure you don't stretch the tee pulling the fabric tight in the hoop....I did that in the begining...Hello...stretch the fabric stitch and then release the stretch and can we say pucker....I can't believe how long it took me to catch on to that one, I was just trying to make sure it was tight! Anyway hope it helps and good luck!

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marjialexa by marjialexa 14 Aug 2009

Yes, that's a tricky balance, getting the material flat without stretching it in the hoop. I think the sticky is worth a try, that way don't have to hoop it at all. Hugs, Marji

by ksgram1 14 Aug 2009

Something else that helps is to wash and dry the T-shirt before you do any embroidery on it. I've done this and used a tear away stabilizer with less dense design and it worked well. For denser designs, definately go with the cutaway.***

by ejtads 14 Aug 2009

Glad that you had asked this question. It is good to hear solutions.

by colonies1 14 Aug 2009

got your answer so here is a flower

by marjialexa Moderator 14 Aug 2009

I think you'll want to use a good weight cutaway for T-shirts. The t-shirt material is stretchy, and not too thick. The wash away stabilizer does not hold the stitches in place, because it comes out in the wash, then the stretchy t-shirt material can pull every which way. I have a friend who uses a sticky cutaway, and sticks the t-shirt to it without hooping the shirt. Works great for her. Definitely cutaway to prevent stretching and to give the stitches something to dig in to. Same goes for the applique, use cutaway, the t-shirt material is just too stretchy to keep it's shape and hold the stitches. Good luck to you, hugs, Marji

by bluerhino 14 Aug 2009

OOps hit submit before i was ready. What type of stabilizer is generally used on T-shirts or for applique? Thanks