by angelmakes3 28 Jul 2009

Would someone PLEASE tell me what the tip is about using packing peanuts with metallic thread. I went to embroidery menter, but could not get the video to play. THANK- YOU Pat


by colonies1 29 Jul 2009

got your answer so I will give flowers

by bevintex 28 Jul 2009

to get the video to play you must register using your email. Then go to videos in the top tool bar. If that still wont work for you jrob has a better explanation than I can give.

by jrob Moderator 28 Jul 2009

you can PM me if you have any questions that the link doesn't explain well enough.;)

linpat by linpat 29 Jul 2009

as i am from australia i have not come across a package peanut. is it a piece of styrafoam?

jrob by jrob 29 Jul 2009

answered your PM linpat.;)

by debleerl 28 Jul 2009

Check out this post.