by migs 26 Jul 2009

umm, don't know how I got a duplicated msg? Here's another site that might be of interest to some


by colonies1 27 Jul 2009

i will check it out i have a friend that does cross stitch..........thanks

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1234ams by 1234ams 27 Jul 2009

i would like this design if possible how do you share

by colleta 26 Jul 2009

Thanks ;)

by bevintex 26 Jul 2009

Whoops. These are cross stitch by hand, not machine embroidery. I will still sew out a couple. I did cross stitch before I had a emb machine and still have all the threads, fabric etc. Now to just find the time.

by bevintex 26 Jul 2009

i love this one. It would take me forever to stitch these out by hand. Thank you