by draco 21 Jul 2009

Does anyone know where I can get a design of a girl praying?

thanks for your help :o)


by sewmom 24 Jul 2009

If you are still looking here is one.

by meganne 22 Jul 2009

Have you tried searching using Google?

I have at least five such designs I have collected but no record of where I got them from, sorry.

But if you search for praying 'child/angel' embroidery design using Google you are sure to find something.
A quick search i did revealed some I have added links below for you.
hugs n roses, M

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draco by draco 22 Jul 2009

Thank you. I found several to choose from. I now have a variety. Hugs :o)

by edithfarminer 22 Jul 2009

Put you to the top again.

by sissibrode 22 Jul 2009

I think I have seen that at Nitasplace...*

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draco by draco 22 Jul 2009

Thank you. I found what I was looking for.
Hugs :o)

by colonies1 22 Jul 2009

if i see one will let you know. You have the place that I was thinking of already........*4u

by mariahail 21 Jul 2009

beautiful set, girl or angel praying at

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draco by draco 21 Jul 2009

Thank You. I'll check it out.Hugs