by ssarner 13 Jul 2009

a set of outfit to incorporate Veronica's fringe flower designs. Once they are done. I will post my true embroidery project. Once again, thank you very much.


by mad14kt 13 Jul 2009

FIESTA...I will keep my four eyes posted to see your work once again ;D *2U

by blhamblen 13 Jul 2009

AAAhhh so that's what you have been doing...I just thought you fell off the face of the earth!

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Jul 2009

Oops, you got me good on this one. I promise I will be up here more. Sometime, when I am in the middle of doing a big project and I will be very quite.

by clawton 13 Jul 2009

Loved seeing your projects!

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Jul 2009

I will try to post more, but took me about a month to make that red dress.

by simplyrosie 13 Jul 2009

Soi, your work is breathtaking! I stand in awe of your talent and skill. xoxo

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Jul 2009

Thank you Teri. Where have you been? I know busy.

by marymoore 13 Jul 2009

soi words can not explain how beautiful your work is

by gerryvb 13 Jul 2009

well the dresses you posted are beautiful, you're talented and these projects are lovely to see too. so no appology. good to see you here again!

by emily16838 13 Jul 2009

I missed you..where hace you been?

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Jul 2009

I had been working hard at work and at home. Trying to bring my son to the pool everyday so he can practise swimming.

by shirlener88 13 Jul 2009

Soi, we love your work. *4U

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Jul 2009

Thank you so much. I promise I will do more embroidery projects.

by lbrow 13 Jul 2009

Oh Soi, I love to look at your couturier projects, u have such a wonderful talent u make us all green with envy. *

by iris2006 13 Jul 2009

Thank you for sharing your beautiful dresses and your talent with us. Don't worry about embroidery.

by jrob Moderator 13 Jul 2009

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us.;)