by gramy 06 Jul 2009

Anyone have or know where to find machine embroidery designs for Monopoly game or Monopoly characters?


by colonies1 07 Jul 2009

i haven't but if i find one will let you know

by marymoore 07 Jul 2009

here is one i will post more if i find

jennyt by jennyt 07 Jul 2009

wow i have never seen that one, but it weirds me out a bit... why is he taking off his clothes? because he won???? i guess i just don't get it... someone has to explain, please.

bikermomfl by bikermomfl 07 Jul 2009

you know men, any chance they get - - -

by simplyrosie 06 Jul 2009

Oh I know I've seen some... darn, I will have to rethink this one. Can't remember, but I'll look.