by poppyliv 05 Jul 2009

I would love to buy some Beatrix Potter - Peter Rabbit embroidery patterns. Does anyone have any ideas on the best place to go - please?


by simplyrosie 06 Jul 2009

There is a licensed series card from Dakota. You can probably pick this up at your local sewing store.

by michele921 05 Jul 2009

here is a cd from Dakota

I don't know if this is a different cd but here is another link to a Dakota set\

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Jul 2009

The ones I bought from Ebay were pirated so I binned them.
Welcome to Cute and happy sewing. Good Luck with the BP designs

by mops Moderator 05 Jul 2009

I would have recommended the same as tinfriend, I've had a Bernina embroidery card since 1995 with Peter Rabbit designs. Maybe they now sell them on cd as well.

by tinfriend 05 Jul 2009

Welcome to the CUTE Family!

Bernina used to have the cutest set out - not sure if it is still available - try OESD (?) they may still have it!

Just a little not of advice : Remember to purchase only Legal designs and be careful of 'copyright'!