by uscmom 01 Jul 2009

thread in the bobbin or just a dark brown cotton thread? I remember when you could only use 'bobbin thread' in the bottom, has that changed? Thanks for your help.


by lbrow 01 Jul 2009

this is a tension problem. Bobbin thread should not show on top. Look at your manual, there should b something n it about setting your tension. *

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uscmom by uscmom 02 Jul 2009

Thank you. The bobbin doesn't show on anything other design. This design is like redwork but in dark brown. I thought maybe the fabric was too thin also.

by katydid 01 Jul 2009

I agree, it must be a tension problem. Tell us what kind of machine you have and I'll bet some one will be able to help you adjust it.

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uscmom by uscmom 02 Jul 2009

I have a Baby Lock Esante. Never had this problem with other designs. I will change the tension and the bobbin thread to black. Thank you.

by marjialexa Moderator 01 Jul 2009

I agree with Jo and Jerrilyn, I use black bobbin thread with very dark colors. But you're tension is too tight on top if it's pulling the bobbin thread up thru the design. You can use the rayon thread, but it's more expensive, and it's thicker so your design would be heavier, too, and might be distorted. Good luck to you! hugs, Marji

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uscmom by uscmom 02 Jul 2009

Thank you Marji. By the way, love your avadart (?). I had a Sheltie named Jamie also and I think of him when I see yours!

by jrob Moderator 01 Jul 2009

I agree with Jo. Your bobbin thread should not be showing on the front. Try loosening the top tension a bit.

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uscmom by uscmom 02 Jul 2009

Thank you, I'll do that.

by jofrog2000 01 Jul 2009

Have you tried loosening the top tension? Usually if the bobbin thread is showing, the top thread is too tight and pulling it up. Bobbin thread is thinner than the rayon or poly. I usually use black bobbin thread when doing outlines or dark colors.

gerryb by gerryb 02 Jul 2009

Hey! Thanks for that hint! I had a spool of black bobbin I got for ONE project! Never thought to use it when doing outlines!

uscmom by uscmom 02 Jul 2009

Thank you very much Jo, I'll try the tension thing and also put black in the bobbin.