by maymason1 26 Jun 2009

Party on my e-mail, I just became a member, ( wow ) how do I start down loading pass and present designs? ready and waiting. excited ! ! !


by asterixsew Moderator 26 Jun 2009

Happy sewing, hope you have lots of time to enjoy all your new designs

by uscmom 26 Jun 2009

On the top of the page are the catagories you click on; then click on the design you want (don't forget all the pages of designs on the bottom)and another page will ask you what format to download, put your format in and click download. Make sure you have different catagories set up to download them to (flowers, babies, alphabets etc)otherwise you will be very unorganized when you want to find something later. Congratulations!!!

by lbrow 26 Jun 2009

Congratulations may. U should already b DLing & it will take u awhile cause there r lots & lots under designs, redwork, alphabets, lace, applique , cross stitch & of course u already know about Designs by cuties. U just go to ea. section & DL like u do a freebie one by one., unless it's a complete zip pack like the new train alpha. Have fun. *

by caydebug 26 Jun 2009

Congratulations. I love my membership. Love not having to wait to collect the alphas. Love the people and if a problem pops up, fixed in no time. Just love it. Prayers and God's Blessings, Libbie