by ewroland 19 Jun 2009

Does anyone know of any FSL Shell ornament designs other than the set at Dainty Stitches?

A customer would like starfish to hang in her windows.
I stitched out the one from Dainty Stitches and she said it was too small.

I would also like a Sand Dollar ornament that would be large enought for an ornament - not a small charm.

Thanks for suggestions.


by pennifold 20 Jun 2009

Dear Eugenia, there are some others on Attic Treasure site too. Love and blessings Chris

by pennifold 20 Jun 2009

Dear Eugenia,

Some of the best ones I've seen are on Secrets of Embroidery.

Here is the link to the page (right down the bottom) Love and blessings Chris

gerryb by gerryb 20 Jun 2009

Wow, Chris! That's great! Hope this is what Eugenia is looking for!

pennifold by pennifold 20 Jun 2009

Thanks Gerry, I thought they were the best and also hope this is exactly what Eugenia is looking for.

Love to you Chris

by jacquipaul 20 Jun 2009

Could not find any.

by lbrow 20 Jun 2009

sorry ewro, I do not know of any *

by adelmarie 20 Jun 2009

There is one lace shell design here

by kharriman 20 Jun 2009

I found a necklace & earring set. Link is below

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ewroland by ewroland 20 Jun 2009

Thanks, but these are too small for a window ornament.

Sure wish I could enlarge the StarFish I already have - but I undersdand it wouldn't hold together correctly.

by shirlener88 20 Jun 2009

Oh NO - I don't know of one - but will send you to the top - in case another CUTE family members knows. *4U

by tinfriend 20 Jun 2009

Unfortunately I can only give you links to non FSL designs! Hope that someone else can assist you!

As a suggestion ... IF you cannot find anything, you can embroidery the design/s on either organza or net/tulle and it will give more or less the same effect! I have done some designs this way and 'burned' the edges, once I clipped the organza close to the edges, with the end of the tool that applies crystals! You could also use a clean soldering iron IF you are VERY careful!!!!!


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ewroland by ewroland 20 Jun 2009

Thanks - but there just has to be some designs for FSL out there somewhere

by ewroland 20 Jun 2009