by ibht2k2 12 Jun 2009

TIA Chris


by simplyrosie 17 Jun 2009

I've done what Eva suggests many times. I'm always afraid I'll screw up my scarf material! lol

by embroiderynikki 17 Jun 2009

A tear away backing would be a good idea. Also use Solvie as your stabilizer. You lay the Solvie right on top in the hoop, then after the design is done sewing, you wet with a water bottle, which dissolves, and tear away the extra that is not around the embroidered design.

by ibht2k2 17 Jun 2009

Thanks for all the help! Chris

by colonies1 15 Jun 2009

I agree with Eva..................

by dlmds 15 Jun 2009

I agree with what others have said. H&*.

by shirlener88 14 Jun 2009

It sounds like Eva has the answer - but I don't think I would do it any other way - either. *4U

by evajungermann 14 Jun 2009

Will pucker.
What about stitching on a foundation material and use the ready made stitchout as an applique on the scarf? You could use this melting applique helper, which will prevent the material to stretch while appliqueing.

by iris2006 13 Jun 2009

I don't know but send this TTT for other Cuties to help you. :)