by jules40 10 Jun 2009

not a ?but a warning don,t go to snsembroideryfrom russia it has a trogen i got it in my computer yesterday today google has a warning on it


by clawton 11 Jun 2009


by marjialexa Moderator 11 Jun 2009

ttt This goes right along with Kharriman's question about doing "too many" scans for viruses! One day a website may be fine, the next it may be hijacked. Don't take chances. Thanks so much for the warning, Jules. And yes, this is why some of us caution against just going everywhere willy-nilly for freebies. Is it worth it to lose all your designs? Hugs, Marji

by lbrow 11 Jun 2009

Never bn there, thanks for warning everyone *

by michelej 11 Jun 2009

Thanks for the warning!!!!

by marymoore 10 Jun 2009

oh no way i have a ton of their designs never had a problem with them at all i have not been there in a while so i guess i am safe the ones i have are safe i always scan everynight at bedtime i need to go check this out gesh

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jules40 by jules40 11 Jun 2009

i,d not been to there site for a while either but my antivirus did say i got a trogen from had a warning this morning too

by damaris 10 Jun 2009

thanks for the warning

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Jun 2009

Thanks for this advice. This is why some are saying we need to be careful with the freebies advertised as quite a few give more than the design free.

by edithfarminer 10 Jun 2009

Thanks for the warning. did go yesterday, but did not download luckily. Just have had my computer cleaned had a virus from Ferret lady

by kathyjt 10 Jun 2009

thanks for the warning. *4u