by karikares 09 Jun 2009

quilting. Do any of you do machine quilting and have suggestions for me? I can't spend a ton on another machine... I just don't want to always be using my embroidery one for other sewing. ... I hope this all makes sense... :)

Thanks for any ideas you can share.


by lbrow 09 Jun 2009

My machine embroiders as well as sews but I have an old Kenmore sewing machine model#17920 zigzag that is n perfect condition, has about 40 different decorative stitches. I have all the assessories & feet & if I have a lot of sewing to do while embroidering I get it out. The head was under full warrenty for 30 yrs. I have never had any problems with it & it has done a lot of sewing through the yrs. They do not make them like this anymore. Look for a good used machine if that's what u want but try them out before u buy & make sure there is someone that can service if it needs it. *

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

OH wow... you all had such great ideas that will help me. My embroidery machine is great I just hate to change everything for normal sewing or quilting. I will go do some shopping. Thanks so much for all the help and ideas!!!

by simplyrosie 09 Jun 2009

Hi Kari, many dealers sell used models and I bet you could speak to your local shop and buy one that's in great condition... maybe one that was used as a trade in for a more expensive model.

Remember that dealers negotiate, so you could probably work a deal and have them throw in a 12 month warranty too. Good luck!

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

oh I never would have thought to ask for the year warranty... thanks :)

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jun 2009

I have a Brother embroidery machine and my trusty Bernina that I have had for ever. They sit side by side in my sewing room and are often both in use at the same time. I also have an overlock but dont have the room for it out all the time but then my sewing doesnt require it that often. If you have a dealer locally he might have secondhand machines for you to look at which are cheaper. To finish your question made sense to me, just wondering if I have made sense to you?

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

oh yes I have heard wonderful things about Bernina... I will check out the second hand shops for sure.
thanks :)

by mel08 09 Jun 2009

Take a look at the Elna Quilter's Dream PRO. I am a quilter, and bought one for my daughter and myself. They are great!

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

Oh that is a new brand I will check it out. It is always so nice to hear from another quilter! Thanks :)

by jrob Moderator 09 Jun 2009

Well, you need one that will let you lower the feed dogs, has a quilting foot (one with a hole in it and is spring loaded), a walking foot, a fairly large opening from the needle to the "body" of the machine. I have a Bernina 440 QEE (quilting embroidery edition) so it does both, but I keep my old New home set up beside it to do small sewing jobs. It is annoying to break down the embroidery part to set up the sewing for a 3" tear, isn't it? Take some classes on machine quilting at a fabric store near you and try out several of their classroom machines and also they will let you work on their trade-ins, too. That way you can see what you feel most comfortable with.;)

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

I did not realize there were machines that you could not lower the feed dogs. Good question to ask when I go shopping. I have heard sooo many good things about Bernina... I will check in to classes too. Great ideas.. thanks :)

by stork 09 Jun 2009

My main machine for sewing is my Viking quilt designer. I keep my Viking SE set up for embroidery that way I can be sewing something while it's working away. Take a look at your local shops trade ins...there are a lot of great machines with very good warranties attached. Good luck.
I have a longarm quilting business and do my own quilts, so I don't use the sewing machine for that.

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

I have looked at the Viking and really liked the looks of it. I would love to have a long arm but..$$ won't let me do that. sign..lucky you! Thanks! :)

by daisy530 09 Jun 2009

I have the HV Quilt Designer II and LOVE IT for sewing quilts. It's about $1099. I also use it for Embroidery, but had to buy attachment separately, and I would have bought a regular embroidery machine for that if I had known better. I also have the fabric mover for quilting, and that's really fun. I have a Janome Decor which also runs beautiful and was under $300. I would buy something that can be serviced (if necessary) locally.

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

ohhh that is great to hear. I have been looking at an HV and great to hear that it works well for quilting. thanks :)

by nonmusicmom 09 Jun 2009

My embroidery machine is a Designer! an I use it for everything. But I am in the same boat as you are because i would like to have a machine hat I can be sewing on while my Designer1 is embroidering. WOW could I ever be productive.As for machine quilting make sure the machine has a walking foot. Makes all the difference in the world. Happy sewing. Let us know what you get.

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

haha yes... I am getting lazy and hate to keep changing all the stuff. My embroidery machine does a wonderful job... just want to be busy with other things while I am embroiderying. :) Thanks :)

by shirlener88 09 Jun 2009

Kari, my embroidery machine is a working machine - it also stitches out anything that I need to sew. I don't know what the difference it would make on what machine you do your work - but if you are just wanting something that will stitch or quilt - look into a quilting machine - each brand carries one - I beleive. Good luck - *4U

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

yes.. I am getting lazy in my old age... I will do more checking. thanks :)

by clawton 09 Jun 2009

I use viking saffire 830. It has a longer arm so more room to work.

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

OH thanks another person liking a Viking. It is always so nice to hear that others like ones I have been looking at... thanks :)

by mysew1325 09 Jun 2009

I have a Janome Professional Memory Craft 6600 and it is wonderful.. check it out on line ..just go to the site or google it..

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karikares by karikares 09 Jun 2009

We have a Janome dealer here I will for sure go and check it out. thanks for the idea!! :) ~k