by hazelgrace 19 Aug 2007

Also it is possible to reply to individuals comments or ask them questions?


by floridatwigs 27 Sep 2007

I'm looking for the C firebirdfont in JEF. Can anyone help me?

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jrob by jrob 27 Sep 2007

sorry, but according to the terms & conditions "You may not reproduce and/or resell our products or any portion of it, by email, diskette, CD or machine card, or by any other means, without special permission. " You will need to get everyone to vote to rerun the letter as a freebie, or join the site and then you can download anything that you want.;)

by hazelgrace 23 Aug 2007

Thank you for that. I was intrigued how you did it. Will have to do the maths as I don't live in America. I am sure this will be of value to others. Happy Sewing

by jrob Moderator 21 Aug 2007

Yes it is. See comments

by cutiepie 20 Aug 2007

You can reply to any comment on this forum by clicking on the "Add Comment" link below the comment in question. I'm sure that if you ask questions of people who are frequently on this forum, it will be responded to, but if you have never seen the person post here, that is a different matter completely. =] I know I am always happy to respond to questions, even if I am not sure of the actual answer (I can make educated guesses on some things).

by jrob Moderator 19 Aug 2007

Well, you can reply here or ask questions and chance that they will see them. I actually have talked back and forth with a couple of people on this site and we finally hooked up email addresses and chat there online.

hazelgrace by hazelgrace 21 Aug 2007

How did you manage to hook up with their email address without informing everybody else?

jrob by jrob 21 Aug 2007

well, we did it on one of the other parts of this site. Just meet here at the same time, change your account information to include email address then take it back off.

jrob by jrob 21 Aug 2007

hint, lots of us come here around 10:45AM EST because that's typically when the designs change.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Mar 2008

that is good to know - thanks!