by hazelgrace 19 Aug 2007

How often do the free daily designs change? I don't seem to have seen a new one for week. Or am I having a senior moment or two?


by cutiepie 20 Aug 2007

Even if you are having a senior moment, we won't judge you on it. It happens to us all, even if we don't yet quite qualify as "seniors" (I'm only in my 30's). The Free Daily Designs are SUPPOSED to change daily, but there are occasions where they don't. It could be because the same design was voted in again, or it could be because of a computer malfunction at the host. And of course, as Dixie said, some of the designs just get voted on a lot and so show up repeatedly. Be sure to save your designs all in the same place, and you will be assured of not saving the same design twice. I've done that before and it takes up a lot of unnecessary room. =]

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Mar 2008


by jrob Moderator 19 Aug 2007

Well, if you ARE having a senior moment, it must be contagious! Just kidding, sometimes the same design is repeated more than one day and sometimes it comes back again as Dixie said because of voting. Anyways, I always want to have my senior moments validated!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Mar 2008


by dixie 19 Aug 2007

Hazelgrace, The free daily designs change every day most of the time, but you can sometimes see them repeated in a couple of days or weeks, this is because they get many people voting for them again
No I don't think it is you having a senior moment but maybe you didn't look each day.
Good Luck Keep on Looking the ones you want may come up soon, if not do what I did and take out a subscription it is well worth the money and you will never miss out on any designs again
Regards Dixie

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Mar 2008