by ewroland 16 May 2009

Can someone tell me what is the difference between Alphabet and Fonts?



by darmoola 16 May 2009

What a great for all

by gerryvb 16 May 2009

don't know for sure but I thought Alphabet always means the letters from A till zZ. and fonts are the kind of letters ( lettertypes) used to form the alfabet.

by marjialexa Moderator 16 May 2009

Ok, the old advertising print specifier will weigh in on this, hee hee hee. Technically, a font is a specific typeface used in printing. If you look in your Word programs, which probably all default to Times New Roman, that's a font. A font of any style can be digitized for your sewing machine, then it becomes an alphabet, because you can make names or whatever with it. Generally, I think of an alphabet as Meganne described it, either in your machine or in your software, just spell the words and sew. When a font is made into individual letters, like we collect on Cute Alphabets, then those are actually monograms, technically. It's an alphabet, true, but pretty hard to make a name or something out of most of them, they're meant to be used as a stand-alone letter. The Goldfont on Cute is both upper and lower case, and could more easily be used as an alphabet. There, have I totally confused the issue now? Hee hee hee, Marji

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mops by mops 16 May 2009

No, you haven't. And I agree. Font is the style, an alphabet is what your machine or software uses to make words and sentences. To confuse matters what is called the Goldfont or the Rose font or the guitar alphabet is a (complete) collection of single designs that you have to place and space carefully to combine them - or use on their own.

by gg2009 16 May 2009

In addition to the other comments, I always thought an alphabet referred to A-Z, and a font was the individual letter. BUT what do I know?

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blhamblen by blhamblen 16 May 2009

And I thought singles were Monograms???!!!

by meganne 16 May 2009

Alphabets are 'scalable' designs provided by Embroidery machine manufacturers and Embird.
You just select the letters you want from within your machine, change the size to what you want and start stitching.

Fonts are individual designs that are not scalable and you need to select and line up each letter separately (using a software program) to create the words you want in your design.

'Fonts' in the IT industry and business world also refers to the STYLE of the letter used to create text. (nothing to do with embroidery)

Clear as mud!!!!
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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blhamblen by blhamblen 16 May 2009

Thanx I'm REALLY Confused!!!

by blhamblen 16 May 2009

SAME TING :) (old chinese saying)

by sissibrode 16 May 2009

no difference :o) *

by mariahail 16 May 2009

Six on one hand, half of dozen on the other one....****