by ewroland 15 May 2009

Since I have asked this group twice this week for suggestions,

perhaps Cute should set up a topic heading for project suggestions.

There are always such good suggestions offered.


by marjialexa Moderator 16 May 2009

Originally Veronika set up this forum for sewing/embroidery related help. And for a long time that's all it was, basically. Then it got to be endless freebie postings and personal information, and Veronika set up ANOTHER tab for personal information. Nobody goes there because they 'don't have time'. I guess, having been in business myself, I realize what it takes to fund this operation. None of the Cuties want to set up and fund thier own website for exchanging freebies and personal news, that would be too much work, too much money, too much time. Yet some seem to expect Veronika to pay for the bandwidth, pay for changes to the website done by a webmaster, so that people can exchange 'freebie' news on her website that directs people to other websites, and most of those people are not even paying members of Cute Embroidery. I just think it's fascinating what people expect for free from this world, and what people seem to feel they're 'entitled' to, and want everyone else to do for them because they themselves don't 'have time'. What on earth makes anyone think that Veronika has time to cater to your whims, when she has a business to run? I think she has been more than patient, and more than obliging. People need to learn to use what is already here in abundance, instead of being so gosh darn lazy. There is no need for 'more', just use what's here. There's no reason to stop posting things about personal lives, we all CARE about each other, but just put them under the Personal tab! Post your freebies in the Designs category. This is not rocket science, it just requires a little thought & effort. I'm giving the one click over to Personal the benefit of the doubt as to being 'effort'.

E W Roland, the community general section is what was originally intended to be project suggestions, sewing related things. You are right to ask and post here. Put the tag 'projects' on your posting, and people can sort by that tag. Click on the blue word 'projects' to your left, see what comes up. That's how this is supposed to work.

Sorry if this was a rant, but I just like to be organized and use the site as it was intended. It's so simple if everyone would cooperate. I just empathize with Veronika as a business person, and tire easily of the 'gimme' attitude, when nothing is given in return to her. So I got it off my chest, and it won't make one iota of difference in the long run. Sorry, it's the way I feel. I still love you all, Marji

blessinge by blessinge 16 May 2009

Well said! I couldn't agree with you more.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 16 May 2009

Marji, I know just what you mean - *4U

tubby by tubby 16 May 2009

I agree with everything you said it is all giveme

by sarahrose 15 May 2009

We don't need a new catagory, we just need others to stop using this one for all those freebies and other web sites and get this back to what I hear it once was before everyone decided to change it up for their use rather than what it was intenedted for.

by mops Moderator 15 May 2009

Maybe a good use of the tags would help as well, like adding "project" - there's a category on the left side. So much easier to look at what you're interested in that way.

by shirlener88 15 May 2009

Eugina, I love the idea of getting the Q & A's section back to be what it is meant for - sugestions rather than all the other web site information - as some of taken over into making it that way for them. If we all used this site that - then we would not need another section - unless it were for other web site postings. Just MHO! *4U

sarahrose by sarahrose 15 May 2009


blessinge by blessinge 16 May 2009


by mad14kt 15 May 2009

Get idea ;D *2U

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mariahail by mariahail 15 May 2009

I agree with you Teri, all of our personal stories should be post on "personal", our pains, our joys, where we can find support, love, understanding from the wonderful people than belong to "cute", I think that death, surgeries, pregnancy and all of our extremely happy or sad days need to be in personal, since that are not questions or answers and mainly have nothing to do with sewing or embroidery, at least freebees ARE part of embroidery.Hugs.

by simplyrosie 15 May 2009

I think it's a wonderful idea... I wish more of the posting in "community" were embroidery/sewing driven instead of personal things that should be posted in "personals". I have stopped posting in "community" for that very reason.

:-), teri

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mad14kt by mad14kt 15 May 2009

;D *2U

by meganne 15 May 2009

Community is the place for these kind of questions, it used to be filled with them before it became ruled by postings of freebies. So ask away.

Besides you only need to browse through projects to get plenty of ideas.

Just MHO, but I really do think Miss V already does enough for us HERE and at Cute Alphabets and Amazing Embroidery and we are all still waiting for her to finish
Hugs n roses, Meganne

mad14kt by mad14kt 15 May 2009

;D *2U

shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 May 2009

Right on!!!!!

mops by mops 15 May 2009

I agree.

sarahrose by sarahrose 15 May 2009

I agree.