by jules40 14 May 2009

does anyone know of a free program that will open and change rar format to jef or sew ect.


by michele921 10 Jun 2009

I use this one and got it free

I just click on the Rar file and is opens them and puts them right in the folder it came from. Works great. Just remember some RAR files are password protected and you need the password to open them.
I recieved a file and no password emailed but never was sent the password, so file is no good
GL *4U

by marycombs 10 Jun 2009

I believe there is a program at to convert formats. mary

by gg2009 15 May 2009

Please let us know which one works best for you .. in other words, after you do the research, we will benefit (hee hee) and you will have saved us a lot of time. (My thanks also to all who have answered this question. I also wanted to know the answer.)

by tindo 14 May 2009

rar is another way to open zip files... just use unzip from your computer...all computers have them just type in zip in your search link for files on your will not change a file to jef or need a program called Tajima by pulse it is free to down load and changes several embroidery designs to different files. i found it the easiest one to use. and it is free.

by meganne 14 May 2009

Jule, If you go to Bill Armstrong's page, (link below), he has tutorials on how to unzip and zip files. Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on the button. Please don't forget to that him for the time he has taken to do these tutorials.
hugsn roses, Meganne

by aviesel 14 May 2009

To "unzip" rar and zip files, I use The Extractor 1.4.1. I love it because it does it in "batches". When you right click on a file, you can select it to go to The Extractor and when you've got several to do from different file locations, it will unzip the file into the file folder where the zip or rar file is stored. It is a great tool. To change formats, free programs like Wilcom and Tajima Pulse work well. It is a two step process by having two programs, but the bottom line is that they are free

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oldandgrey by oldandgrey 10 Jun 2009

I have this one, it is easy to use, you will love it

by hogfan 14 May 2009

I googled it and came up with this

by jasanne 14 May 2009

RAR is a compression file like a ZIP file. I've only struck it once and got it sent again in a zip.

by hogfan 14 May 2009

RAR is not a format but a way of zipping up files, usually used with very MB intensive designs. I no longer have the link but I downloaded a program called "7Zipfree" you might could google it. And it was FREE try CNet or one of the other free software sites also it has just been too long ago to remember, (heck that could be last week with me!!) It is a program like "winzip" but it unzips files of any nature especially RAR and will zip also. It does not convert but most of the time what ever is in the RAR zipped folder has all formats, if not you can get Wilcoms free program to convert with.

by chrissyb 14 May 2009

have you tried AnnThe Gran catalog express, I have it its a good tool its about $99 to buy but you can get it for a 30 day trial.