by prampelb 05 May 2009

Redwork on terry towel... Would this work? or what should I do to get the nice dayly free design of this site on a terry towel??? Thanks for the nice designs and for your answers! Pat


by shirlener88 05 May 2009

Pat, it sounds like you have the answer - so I will give you a *.

by clawton 05 May 2009

I have done it on very short pile.

by marjialexa Moderator 05 May 2009

Pat, I'm with BikerMom, I think redwork on terry, unless it was really cheap, thin terry, would get lost. When doing toweling, you put topping over the loops so the stitches don't sink in. Redwork is so 'light' the topping just wouldn't stay under the stitches. If it has to be terry, I'd try the applique patch like BikerMom suggested. Maybe others will have better ideas. Oh, just FYI, I LOVE the way redwork comes out on floursack kitchen towels! Hugs, Marji

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prampelb by prampelb 05 May 2009

Thank you Marji! I like the idea of Bikermon! Thanks again! Pat

by bikermomfl 05 May 2009

you can do redwork on a towel, but it won't be really visible since the nap will eventually fold over the stitching. You could always stitch it on a coordinating fabric, then applique the 'patch' onto your towel, that's what you usually see in the stores....hope this helps.....

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prampelb by prampelb 05 May 2009

Thanks a lot. I did not think about this excellent idea! Highly appreciated! Pat