by bbww 06 Aug 2007

hei.can you help me.1am a new member i cant downloed ,what do i wrong


by cutiepie 08 Aug 2007

If you are a member with a free account, you can only download the free daily designs. You won't be able to download the rest of them. If you are a member with a 6-month membership and you still can't download, you will need to contact customer service and get them to help you.

by jrob Moderator 06 Aug 2007

tell me exactly what you are doing, and I will try to help figure out what is going wrong. Have you logged in first?

by hazelgrace 06 Aug 2007

You must select the format that your machine stitches in and then when you press the download button you will be given the opportunity to find or save the file. Save it and open it to place it in your embroidery files. Hope this works for you.